Business Application & Software Development

At Spot Studio we make the complex simple.

Creating bespoke business applications, we use the latest technology to improve business efficiency and deliver outstanding functionality to your clients. All the while focusing on producing a stellar, intuitive user experience.

Our Bespoke Application Service

Although each build varies in terms of scope, we use the same framework in order to produce consistently brilliant results.


A considered period of analysis will drill down into what your clients need, but equally as important, what they want. Understanding their core drives, and your requirements as a business, we can start to understand how your application will take shape. This initial step is mostly consultative, with meetings and development discussions taking place between your team and ours.


By performing a stringent examination of your needs, we develop the information architecture which will form the skeleton of your application. We create an intuitive map of user goals and the paths they will take to get there. This is achieved by exploring the principles of choice, exemplars, entry points, focused navigation and future growth which will affect you and your users.


Our backend developers will take the system described in our architectural design and begin connecting the dots. Whether this means aggregating data from various EPoS systems, producing the software to run your custom CMS, or customised reporting programs, our skilled in-house team are technical wizards, equipped with all the know-how to produce any application you could need.


Running concurrently with our development team, our designers will begin producing the user interface that not only looks the part, but is optimised for functionality and end-goal performance. This is where we will realise the application or software’s KPIs, declaring what functions and actions are the most important measures of success for the application’s development.


At this stage development and design come together to implement the core functions of your application or software. This is the most crucial stage, at which we need to finely tune our programming in order to deliver an exceptional user experience and, most importantly, an application that works as it is supposed to. Here your application starts coming to life as a workable prototype.

Unit, Integration & Validation Testing

Then it’s on to testing, testing and more testing. With a prototype of your application, we test every unit of code, how these work with one another and whether the application as a whole works. We test it on you, we test it on us and we test it on its users in a series of soft releases. Then, inevitably, we make all the necessary changes to architecture, design and implementation to improve usability.

Our Method

Our Method

We employ an incremental and agile approach to application development.

Using this methodology minimises project risk, speeds up development time and reduces initial costs. But what does that mean?

By building your application incrementally, we spend more time on the foundation stage, ensuring that your application is future-proofed, and build core components as and when they’re required. This won’t be true of every project, but is the method we employ for the vast majority of our work.


Application and software development is a tricky business. But we want to make it as simple for you to use as possible. That’s why we offer full aftercare services in order ensure the smoothest running of your programs.


Though we pride ourselves on creating intuitive applications, we are more than happy to offer on-site training should it be required.

Ongoing Support

We are happy to provide ongoing support as an additional service, and have a digital helpdesk through which you can reach our developers.


We only use super secure, high-speed hosting solutions to deliver an outstanding service to your users. It’s there if you need it.


Our Bespoke Application Case Studies

With over 14 stores across London and the South East, and a franchise scheme firmly set in place, Gadcet’s gadget exchange has seen massive growth facilitated our account management application.


The world of commercial lettings is extremely competitive. That’s why we developed this application with DeVono Cresa; to ensure that every lead and marketing avenue is detailed, analysed and recorded for future optimisation.


Challenging our engineers on many levels, the scope of The Art of Bespoke’s incredibly robust image and market management system is massive.


Handling streams of online reservations can be a real headache. But by ensuring that the client gets their chosen time, that the instructor is available, and that there’s a proper record kept of every booking, our system made Snowtrax’s life a whole lot easier.


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