Challenging our engineers on many levels, the scope of The Art of Bespoke’s incredibly robust image and market management system is massive.

About The Art of Bespoke

The Art of Bespoke connects the people and products that define the world's most luxurious interiors, with discerning homeowners who want to purchase these products, or use a designer’s services. As marketplace their business is multifaceted; functioning for the consumers as well as the sellers - on a global scale.

Partnered with the leading luxury designers and renowned boutiques, they hand curate the finest products available, and have built a reputation as the go-to luxury design curators. This is achieved in three ways; editorial pieces, product shopping and inspirational media.

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The Problem

Aside from the fact that their website wasn’t responsive, The Art of Bespoke were suffering from a serious issue of content management. With 1000’s of high quality images from various designers collected over the years, their system was rudimentary and nonfunctional for more complex tasks.

However, the main driver for development of this platform was a shift in business model. Transforming from an inspiration board, they wanted to become a cross-industry eCommerce platform. This was modelled on becoming Houzz for the high-end, offering everything that a designer and a client could need, all in once place.


The Solution

With very specific requirements, the only route to go was to create a completely bespoke application. This took shape in four main areas; a custom CMS, smart image pinning, artificial intelligence and a deep search tool.

The Bespoke CMS

The emphasis here was to create an incredibly easy-to-use CMS that would allow contributors, whose knowledge of HTML and CSS was minimal, to create beautiful looking forward-facing pages.

With their old platform, image management required a great deal of admin time, now, however, we have created an image attribution module which allows the user to apply a choice of 815 attributes to an image. This makes pulling a specific image or range of images into a page effortless.

The Image Pinning Software

With the shift in their business model, The Art of Bespoke wanted to give users who liked a product they had found on one of their inspiration boards, the opportunity to purchase said product. As such, we created an pinning system which allowed contributors to tag specific products in images.

Once pinned, either immediately or retrospectively, these tags are added everywhere the image is located on the website, meaning that anywhere the user sees the image they have the option to go through to the shop. Importantly this gives The Art of Bespoke the opportunity to cross-sell based upon recommendations and professional styling.

On top of this, the system itself automatically enhances product images that have been located within a project for display on the shop page.

The Artificial Intelligence

The system’s image recognition program taps into 3 different AI providers; Google Vision, Clarifai & Microsoft Computer Vision in order to deliver seamless automated image recognition. These combine to tag images with attributes such as room type, style type and materials, which can then be utilised across the site for content pieces.

In addition, we created our own module which automatically recognises colours up to 350 different hues. These are then deconstructed into 16 basic colours, which are in turn parsed through the system to create image tagging and give website users the option to filter by colour.

The Deep Search

People use the website to find inspiration, products and services. Therefore one of the most important functions of the website is that it provides the user the capacity to easily find what they want.

Utilising the open source software Elasticsearch, we have created a deep running analysis tool which begins to display results the second you begin to type into the search bar.

The program instantly recognises spelling mistakes, and will display what it believes to be the correct search results thanks to a built in autocorrect function, reducing friction points for the user as much as possible.


The Results

The Art of Bespoke are now running a completely custom system which has seen month to month growth in return users of 530%. In turn, the amount of time spent on the website has increased from an average session of 1.5 minutes to 2.8 minutes.

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"Thanks to Spot Studio unique model guarantees you more choice than any other online destination and aggregates a hugely fragmented industry, creating an effortless way to shop the finest furnishings for your home."

Jon Vick, CEO, The Art of Bespoke

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