The world of commercial lettings is extremely competitive. That’s why we developed this application with DeVono Cresa; to ensure that every lead and marketing avenue is detailed, analysed and recorded for future optimisation.

About DeVono Cresa

DeVono Cresa are the London and UK office of Cresa, the largest firm of tenant-only real estate advisors in the world. Exclusively advising commercial tenants, since 2006 they have been responsible for the relocation of one in every four businesses in and around London.

Through their own market knowledge and self-built database, DeVono track the leasing terms of over 17,000 businesses in London alone, making it their business to know about every on and off-market property in the city to support their clients’ needs.

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The Problem

Running various advertising campaigns online, they are targeting some of the largest companies in the world and 6 figure contracts. As such, each potential lead needs to be dealt with diligently and conscientiously.

With leads coming from 3 major avenues (organic, referral & PPC) DeVono had a few problems with their previous system:

  • Whilst they were investing a lot in PPC campaigns and working with partners, they couldn’t accurately track the ROI as the data went straight from their website to their CRM, Salesforce.
  • This meant there were neither accurate measurements of leads entering the system or where they came from, nor the ability to track what was happening with a lead at any given moment.
  • Additionally there was no way to find out what keywords generated the lead, meaning there was a lack of information to optimise PPC campaigns.

The Solution

Working with a third party CRM, we developed a system whereby every user who visits the website for the first time has a profile created for them.

All data including:

  • Their channel of origin
  • Their channel of conversion
  • The pages they visit
  • The tools they use
  • The forms they interact with
  • & other analytics data

is stored in a database. Once the user introduces who they are, by contacting Devono through one of their many forms, this user is then pushed through to Salesforce and classified as a lead.

The sales team then has all information on what the user has viewed on the website; the sorts of properties they’ve been viewing and a wealth of other data to help their sales process.

On top of this, all information that is pushed through to Salesforce is then pulled back into our system to allow for an even more robust reporting system with enhanced, highly customisable filtration.

"Adwords didn't give us that level of reporting."

Claire-Louise Taylor, Head of Marketing, DeVono Cresa


The Results

It goes without saying that the commercial property market is a competitive marketplace, and an expensive one. Now that DeVono can track and trace all of their leads, and those that converted, they are capable of exactly pinpointing where they are leaking money and optimise ALL of their campaigns to focus on where the ROI is greatest.

Regarding their partnership schemes, there is now no ‘guesswork’ involved in understanding what percentage of leads generated closes, and therefore no guesswork about what commission needs to be paid.

With a simple-to-use reporting system, and the ability to trace every previous and ongoing lead, admin time is significantly reduced and historical records accessible at the click of a button.

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