Handling streams of online reservations can be a real headache. But by ensuring that the client gets their chosen time, that the instructor is available, and that there’s a proper record kept of every booking, our system made Snowtrax’s life a whole lot easier.

About Snowtrax

Snowtrax is an Alpine outdoor activity centre giving both amateur and more advanced skiers and snowboards the opportunity to hone their skills out on the slopes. Providing lessons for all experience levels, as well as running parties and events, this is so much more than a simple dry slope in Dorset.

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The Problem

A popular destination for kids’ parties, off-season fanatics and casual trippers, the main drivers for this booking system’s development were twofold: pricing and admin.

With over 100 instructors’ timesheets to manage, most of which teach several types of lessons, and with some instructors able to teach both skiing and snowboarding, but not all, and peak and off-peak pricing plans - handling bookings without a proper system in place was onerous to say the least.

On the front-end, the user had to enter their preferred dates online. A receptionist would then follow up the reservation with a phone call to confirm once they had cross-checked availability. Long.


The Solution

With our new online calendar system there’s no need for follow-up calls, cross-checking availability or confusing pricing processes. Everything has been centralised into one system that manages the entire booking from start to finish.


The booking process for customers has been neatly simplified into a simple 4 step process. All they need to do is register an account, select their lesson type, select their lesson ‘activity’ and choose an available date - then just book. They’re even automatically sent an SMS on the day before their reservation too.

Date Management

With all booking dates centralised in one location, the availability of lessons is updated in real-time ensuring there is no overbooking or confusion over dates. The system also allows for effective management of instructors’ rotas and leave.

Report Production

The company can now track exactly what types of bookings are made, how many, who by and when. This enables Snowtrax’s managerial team to better allocate budgets, handle staff and marketing efforts.

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