With over 14 stores across London and the South East, and a franchise scheme firmly set in place, Gadcet’s gadget exchange has seen massive growth facilitated our account management application.

About Gadcet

Gadcet is a business which allows people to buy and sell mobile phones and other electronic devices, as well as games and accessories. They pride themselves on providing sound customer advice, rapid delivery and on-site repair services. In turn, they guarantee competitive pricing and offer additional value through a trade-in credit scheme.

In their own words,

“It is our mission to bring a top quality retail experience to the world of second-hand electronics.By doing so, we know that customers will want to use us time and time again.”

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The Problem

Gadcet started trading goods from one shop in the heart of Essex back in 2009. But with a successful business model and the scope that an eCommerce store could provide, they were rapidly expanding.

However, with such rapid expansion, as well as online sales to take account of, they quickly found that their previous administration processes couldn’t deliver the service they required.

  • Prices needed to be checked against the current market value in order to offer competitive pricing on too large a scale to be efficient.
  • Stock levels across each store needed to be checked before the vendor could determine whether they should purchase the product and at what price.
  • With specific margins set in place, individual vendors were incapable of pricing products effectively.
  • There was no application out there which could handle VAT Margin Scheme in the cloud, preventing franchising.

The Solution

As this is an expanding business, we built a base platform designed specifically to have modules added on as and when they were required by Gadcet. As such there are dozens of functions built in, and more in the pipeline. The following are what we call the main modules.

The ePOS System

In order to facilitate their expansion, and increase their number of stores, as well as online sales, we developed a bespoke electric point of sale system (ePOS), which could be used in every store and aggregated in the cloud.

Our system collects rolling pricing data on each product from market leaders in order to ensure that whenever a vendor buys or sells a product they are doing so at a competitive cost. This also allows the company to maintain tight margins, driving profits.

The VAT Module

As a gadget exchange company, Gadcet are subject to specific taxation rules, namely the VAT Margins Scheme. When looking at building a franchise model, the main sticking point was the fact that they needed to apply this tax to each of their sales across every store. Unfortunately there was no system available on the market that could do this for them.

Working in conjunction with their ePOS system, our application calculates and makes a record of the applicable tax of every single sale made, delivering fully cloud-based accounting system.

PrestaShop Integration

Working with the open source eCommerce platform PrestaShop, we have connected all of their stores through a central system to their online shop. Now if a user makes a purchase online, our system will scan the stock in all stores and source a product from wherever the item is in-stock and is most convenient for distribution.


The Results

The creation of this application has allowed Gadcet to expand from 5 shops to 14. In turn this has increased their turnover from £1 million to over £4.5 million.

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