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4 Reasons You Must Be Using Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups are a great feature to implement into your eCommerce strategy. Exit intent technology, which we wrote about here gives you one last chance to convert a leaving visitor into a customer. The technology tracks the mouse movements of the user and when it senses they’re about to leave, move pages or close the window – it pops up. Exit intent popups can be an extremely useful way of not only bringing back lost customers, but increasing conversion generally. Here are 4 reasons you must be using them:

1. You Get a Second Chance to Convert

exit intent popups


Arguably the most important reason, when your exit intent pop up comes into action it means that the visitor was trying to leave, and that’s not good. OptinMonster states that 70% of visitors who abandon your website never return and that’s a massive loss. This means your initial attempt at conversion failed. The importance of this is that you’ve already spent money on marketing to get them to come here in the first place, so you don’t want to lose them.


You can use the ‘second chance’ of an exit intent popup to either capture their contact information, change to a different offer, or reinforce your original company message and offer a call to action. Sometimes what you’re trying to convey to the user isn’t clear the first time around, so reiterating in a different way may help seal the deal. What you’re really looking for are those contact details so you can get on with some remarketing…

2. Build Up Your Subscriber List

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Claiming back lost customers isn’t the only reason you should be using exit intent popups. You can build up your subscriber list using them too. Naturally the success rate of the popup depends on the incentive you’re offering in return for their data and how convincing the copy is. Optimonk suggests that even a simple popup can convert between 3% and 5% on an average eCommerce site, but there are some incredible success stories…


WP Beginner shared how they managed to increase their email subscribers by a whopping 600% using OptinMonster’s exit intent technology. Initially they were getting around 80 new subscribers a day from sidebar forms and contact forms.


Their 10 minute set up resulted in 3,200 new subscribers in one week. They note that they didn’t get any extra traffic or do any special campaigns, but they managed to grasp the people they were losing already and it brought on a fantastic return.


There’s a few different ways you can implement the popups to get more subscribers. You can have a polite scroll along box which moves down the page with the reader, you can install a noticeable banner at the bottom of the page, a data driven side bar or you can do the classic exit popup.


If you really want to up your subscriber game, then take note of the fact that a reader will decide if they want to get more of your content once they’ve read your post. If you’re not getting enough email leads, then trigger your popup for as soon as they reach the bottom of your content. This sometimes persuades people who were unwilling to begin with. Doing it this way is less like a barrier and more like a direction. They’ve read your piece, and now they want more? Well, allow them to get more.


One thing that does annoy users however, is experiencing the popup even though they’re already a subscriber. The way to combat this is by using javascript to set the cookie length to 365 days or more on your ‘Thank You’ page to prevent users being spammed with the same message every time they try to leave.

3. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts Instantly

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There’s no bigger sign of intent from a customer than them putting items into their cart. Since cart abandonment is about 70%, exit intent popups have a lot to offer, like we’ve spoken about in our abandoned cart white paper:


“Only 2% of the top 50 online clothing retailers are currently using exit intent technology in order to save an abandoned cart, with a great deal immediately offering discounts instead.”


A simple shopping cart pop up can see massive results, such as improving your revenues by 10%. There’s a few ways you can implement exit intent popups to convince someone to stay. Usually people leave your site to find a coupon code so cutting to the chase can save you money you would be spending on commissions to a coupon aggregator. You can convince your potential customers to finish the purchase on the spot by offering them free shopping, for instance. Conversion Sciences state that you can even increase conversion to 15% if you turn off the email capture.

4. Test Your Messages

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The great thing about exit intent popups is that they’re really easy to test. Exit intent technology doesn’t just help convert, but you can also use it to test which messages appeal to your customers most. Using the popups to A/B test users can test out your existing marketing and highlight any areas of improvement and inspire new ways of connecting with customers.


A/B testing can be particularly expensive, especially if you need to build multiple landing pages and drive traffic to them. This is a more cost effective way of testing your overall messaging and targeting. Popups could be considered as baby landing pages for you to test out design, copy and the incentives you have on offer. However, for a more advanced approach, we highly recommend A/B testing to maximise your conversion rate.

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