AdSense Auto Ads Increase Profits by up to 15%

In a series of updates to AdSense, Google has launched Adsense ‘auto ads’ – a format that Google says could increase publishers’ revenue by up to 15%.

Adsense’s auto ads work by finding placements that would usually go under the radar, and this is done by using machine learning to automatically place ads where they are most likely to be relevant and therefore successful.

On top of the main function of finding hidden placements, auto ads were created so that publishers are only required to place ad code on their pages once – adapting it by using toggles to turn features on and off, without requiring any changes to the code.

Auto ads is set to optimise publishers’ performance, increasing revenue opportunities whilst being easy to use. Violetta Kalathaki, Google’s Product Manager notes that,

“Auto ads brings the best of Google to AdSense … Auto ads leverage machine learning to give publishers the ability to make smart, data-driven decisions automatically, so that they can focus on creating compelling content.

“With this launch, we’re making it easier for publishers to optimize for both revenue and user experience across their site in just a few easy steps.”

So whether you’re running remarketing campaigns or straight up PPC, the good news is that your adverts should now be delivered to a more relevant audience. It’s win-win for both publishers, advertisers and users.


Alice Page

Digital Project Manager

Digital project manager, Alice smashes PPC campaigns and getting the developers into gear...