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AdWords Editor: Version 12

The new version of the AdWords power tool has dropped!

Version 12 of AdWords Editor by Google is now available, and as well as a new design that makes AdWords Editor more consistent with the rest of Google’s products, there are many new features. These include a set of custom rules, faster account downloads and support for bidding to maximise conversions.

Custom Rules

AdWords Editor 12 allows advertisers to set custom rules to suit their own needs. For example, if you would like all of your search ads to have four or more sitelinks – which is one of the rules suggested by Google – then you are able to set that as a customised setting for your campaigns and ad groups. AdWords will also be able to alert you of any campaigns or ad groups that do not follow the custom rules you have set. More information on Google AdWords Rules can be found here.

Data Transfer

AdWords Editor 12 is set to transfer more of your data from the previous versions, meaning that your account information will download even faster than before. Also available is the ability to ‘Maximise Conversions’ which will automatically set the ideal bid for each ad auction, which helps you to get as many conversions possible within your daily budget.


Several optional fields have been added for responsive ads, including the ‘4:1 Logo’, ‘Price Prefix’, ‘Promotion Text’ and ‘Call to Action Text’. There is also the ability to upload 20 images and/or videos for Universal App Campaigns, as well as new customisation fields for responsive ads.

All of these features and more are available now, and AdWords Editor version 12 could help personalise and streamline the process behind your campaigns and ad groups. So happy ad creation!

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