The Google Expanded Text AdWords Ad Copy Tool

When creating Google Expanded Text AdWords campaigns, it can be tricky to manage all your ad copy. We know, we’ve done it.

That’s why we’ve created a free, easy to use AdWords Ad Copy Tool to help in your text creation, and monitor your campaigns. All you need to do is make a copy of our document to your Google Drive and away you go. It’s really as simple as that!

How To  Use Our Google Expanded Text AdWords Ad Copy Tool

If you’re new to the game, let’s first take a look at Google AdWords Expanded Text advert structure. It is composed of the following data entries:

  • Headline 1 – maximum of 30 characters in length
  • Headline 2 – maximum of 30 characters in length
  • Description – maximum of 80 characters in length
  • Final URL – where the advert will link to
  • Path 1 – maximum of 15 characters in length
  • Path 2 – maximum of 15 characters in length


This is the, well, headline text of your advert. It’s the line that grabs the user’s attention and should be used to do as such! Use your keywords here and make a value proposition. Google will automatically place a hyphen between your two headlines.


With 80 characters, here is where you give your users a real reason to click on your link. Use advert-specific language and your keywords if possible.

Final URL

This is fairly self-explanatory. But for the sake of optimisation, make sure that your URLs are clean and easy to read by a human. Google likes them.


These are a new addition to the Google Expanded Text Ad. The “Path” fields are part of the Display URL, which will be displayed beneath the headline in green. They are there to give the user an idea of where they will end up on your website once they have clicked the advert, so should describe the product or service and primary category if applicable. This won’t be relevant to your homepage, for instance, so this is entirely optional. AdWords uses the domain from your final URL combined with your path text, if any is entered, to create the Display URL.

Using Our AdWords Ad Copy Tool

Our AdWords Ad Copy Tool relies upon Google Sheets to run, so first of all you need to be signed into a Google account in order to make a copy.

When you click the link you will be prompted to make a copy to your drive, so ensure that you place the tool somewhere that makes sense. And there you go. It’s yours.

Upon opening the tool you will find that there are 3 sheets:

  • Intro
  • Ad Creative
  • Ad Preview

The intro will basically reiterate what I’m going to say here, the other two are where the real action happens.

AdWords Ad Creative

Google AdWords Ad Copy Tool


All you need to do is enter your headlines, descriptions, etc., in the cells across the row. The tool will count the characters in your expanded text ad for you and display the amount next to your entry. If you exceed the maximum amount, the cell will be highlighted in red, requiring an edit.

You can organise your sheet however you like, though the best way is to organise by campaign if you are running multiple campaigns. If you are running one campaign, but for multiple advert groups, organise by ad groups.

In order to do this, highlight that column and right click Sort Sheet A→Z.


Adwords Ad Copy Tool Sort Sheet


Additionally, you can apply filters to the page. Do this by going to Data>Filter.


Filter Ad Groups Adwords Creative


You can then apply whatever filters you like to the display. For instance, you could choose to only display Ad Groups titled: ‘Trainers’. This will remove everything else from the sheet and only display these adverts.


Filter Ad Copy Tool by Type


You can use this to remove all blank space and any other text. However, if you filter out the header text ‘Ad Group’ or the blank spaces between, this will cause issues with display on the Preview page. As such, it’s recommended to filter without doing this, or when you do not need to preview the adverts themselves.

To remove filters go to Data>Turn off filter.

AdWords Ad Copy Preview

The third sheet named ‘Advert Preview’ will display the ad copy as it will look in search results.


AdWords Ad Copy Preview Tool


It is important that you do not edit the text in this sheet, as it will affect the way that data is pulled from the Advert Creative sheet. You can, however, apply filters or change formatting.

And there it is!…

A simply-to-use AdWords Ad Copy Tool for Google Sheets, free for commercial use. It’s nice isn’t it? If you’re feeling particularly generous, linking to this page would help use spread how nice it is. So if you run a blog, or have a marketing website, mull it over and maybe drop us an email.

Looking for a company to handle your Google AdWords campaigns? That’s us!


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