How to Improve your AdWords Quality Score

If you’re an eCommerce business you’re probably using use pay per click (PPC) advertising. But you’re probably not all using it effectively or entirely successfully. One of the most underestimated elements of PPC is the AdWords quality score. And if you are going to have a successful PPC campaign you must understand – and improve – your quality score.

What is the AdWords Quality Score?

According to Google, the quality score is, “An estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages.” The score ranges between 1 and 10 where the higher the number, the better your ads will perform. Increasing your quality score has many advantages including a better ad rank and higher click through rates (CTR), but most importantly it will mean that you will pay less per click.

How is the AdWords Quality Score Calculated?

Your score will depend on the three evaluating factors that are set by Google:

  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Relevancy
  • Landing page

Each factor receives rating of ‘below average’, ‘average’ or ‘above average’, allowing you to drill down on a component of your quality score that is underperforming.


If your ads can take into account each of the three factors then they will receive a much higher score. CTR is unquestionably the most important factor when it comes to determining the quality score; no matter how relevant your ads are, or how great your landing page is, if nobody clicks on your ads it will undoubtedly reflect negatively on your score.

Improving Your AdWords CTR

Ad text is another factor that can improve your score – test out different versions of your PPC ad copy, refining it as you go so that you know what works for your customers, and what does not. Compelling and relevant ad text will always translate to a higher CTR, which we now know to be the key factor in a higher quality score. Further to this, expanded text ads are a great way to include more long-tail keywords into your ads, which will increase the relevancy element of your quality score. Speaking of which:

Advert Relevancy

Ad relevancy also plays a large part in the success of your campaign, so ensure that your ads are relevant to the search term. Should you be running multiple search terms then it is advised to design a specific ad that is relevant for each term.

Improving Ad Relevancy

The quality score will determine where and how frequently your ads appear, so it is vital to boost your ratings by consistently working on your account. Performing keyword research will highlight new, relevant keywords to add to your campaigns which will improve the amount of overall traffic.

Note that is most effective to organise your keywords – meaning that they should be arranged into concise groups so that they can more easily be designated to individual ad campaigns. Practicing continued keyword grouping can be crucial for the success of PPC and it is also a tool that will help to achieve a high keyword quality score. Remember negative keywords too – you should also research those terms that you should be actively excluding from your ads.

Landing Pages

Optimising your landing page is the final piece of the puzzle – your landing page needs to be relevant and should make a direct connection with your ad groups. A great landing page will mean that you have provided your visitors with a consistent and positive experience throughout their journey.

Improving Landing Pages

For the sake of consistency, the content of your landing page must reflect that of the ad, and you should ensure that your keywords are in the title and meta description parts of the page, as well as appearing in your content and subheadings. Landing page speed is also a factor that will affect your quality score, so it is advised to use Webmaster Tools or Page Speed to test your landing page and to check its speed.

Being sensitive to the factors that will improve your AdWords quality score will have a positive impact on your PPC ads. Perks such as higher ad placement and a higher CTR will lower the minimum bids for keywords – meaning that your campaign could cost less and be more successful.

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