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New AdWords Rules

New automated rules change how you use Google AdWords

The latest version of AdWords Editor has been released, and with it Google has introduced a set of criteria that they believe will enhance your campaign’s performance. Known as ‘rules’, they are essentially a set of minimum requirements that Google believes should be included in your campaigns and ad groups.

Many of the ‘rules’ should be common practice, however, some of the rules should be more thoroughly considered for your personal use before implementing them. Luckily, the ‘rules’ are really guidelines by Google, so it is not necessary to follow each individual suggestion.

For example, one of the rules is to ‘Set campaigns and ad groups to ‘Target & Bid’, however if you have a limited daily budget this may not be a good idea as it will inevitably result in higher costs. Equally ‘Target Search Partners’ may not be appropriate in some situations as it may unnecessarily use up a budget.

After upgrading to the latest version of AdWords Editor these rules are automatically enabled so it is worth taking a close look at each one, and deciding which are appropriate and useful for you. You are able to pause the rules so that they do not present themselves every time you make changes to your campaigns and ad groups. To do this, simply go to Shared Library.


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