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How To Use Universal App Campaigns

How To Use Google Adwords’ Universal App Campaigns (UAC) To Improve Your App Visibility

In 2015, AdWords launched Universal App Campaigns (UAC) in order to make it easier to grow your app business. Using Google’s machine learning technology, UAC will help you find your target customers across Google Play, Google.com, YouTube and many, many more sites and apps in the Display Network.

Over the two years UAC has seen success for developers and marketers who have had growing numbers and greater app engagement. Advertisers who optimize for in-app actions with UAC have on average seen 140% more conversions per dollar than other Google app promotion products.

As such, AdWords are focusing on moving all AdWords app install campaigns to UAC. From October 16th all new app install campaigns created in AdWords will run on UAC, and Existing Search, Display and YouTube app promo campaigns will stop running on November 15th. It is therefore advised to start upgrading to UAC as soon as possible.

AdWords have published advice on how to move your campaigns to UAC, which consist of three simple steps:


Review your current AdWords app promotion campaigns. Do this by clicking the Ads tab and identify your top performing text, banner and video ads.

Performance Goals

Create a new UAC and set the right performance goal. To do this, click the +Campaign drop-down menu from the ‘Campaigns’ tab, then select Universal app. You should then copy and paste any top performing creatives, especially images and videos into your UAC. A tip here is to set up AdWords conversion tracking to find more of your high-value users, you can do this through Google Analytics for Firebase, Google Play or one of AdWord’s third-party App Attribution Partners.

Bidding Options

Choose the bidding option that best supports your business and your campaign goals. You can set the right bids by calculating the average CPI, CPA or ROAS of your existing campaigns, and using this as a starting point for your UAC performance goals. Keep an eye on your new UAC and, over time, you can begin to adjust your bids in order to meet your goals.

Switching to UAC will see more of the right app users finding your app thanks to the machine learning that UAC employs. Machine learning technology enables UAC to make the smartest decision for each ad by analyzing hundreds of millions of potential signal combinations in real time, giving insight into where people are engaging with your ads, and which creatives and keywords work the best for you.

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