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The Rise of Video – YouTube and Advertising

We have more ways to consume media than ever before – often, more than one option is nearby at all times. It is easy to lose user attention thanks to the plethora of options, formats and content available – however, it seems that online video is currently capturing more attention than many other mediums.

The latest research from Ipsos shows that people are 3x more likely to give their attention to online video adverts versus television ads. Furthermore, YouTube is gaining nearly 2x more attention for their video ads, which is thought to be because their ads are more likely to be seen and people use YouTube with the intention to watch video content.

Thanks to YouTube’s inherent advantage in this field, we bring you a list of four new tools to use when vying for a YouTuber’s attention…

Google’s Customer Affinity Audiences

Being able to offer the right product or solution to the right person is essential, with campaigns who target intent-based audiences seeing a 20% increase in ad recall and a 50% increase in brand awareness when compared with campaigns that used only demographic audiences. Google’s Custom Affinity Audiences can help your ads to reach the most relevant people based on their search history, or the kinds of places or apps that they like.

Google’s Director Mix

Personalised ads are a wonderful tool, however they can be difficult to scale and costly to actualise. Google’s Director Mix is a tool that can simplify the process of customising video for different audiences – upload the building blocks of your video ad, such as different voiceovers, backgrounds and copy, and their system will create thousands of different versions that can be matched to the various audience segments. The recent Campbell’s Soup advert put the Director Mix tool to good use, tailoring their ads to the video that was about to be viewed. This personalised ad campaign saw a 55% increase in sales and a 24% increase in ad recall.

Video Ad Sequencing

Video Ad Sequencing is a new feature available in AdWords which enables you to create a string of ads that follow on from each other. It is possible to pivot and react, meaning that the ads can go in different directions depending on the consumer’s preferences and reactions to the previous content. The recently released Assassin’s Creed game used Affinity Audiences and Video Ad Sequencing in their campaign, which saw a 25% increase in awareness, a 224% increase in searches and a 375% increase in searches for the trailer. Overall, the campaign reached almost 15 million unique viewers.

Nielsen MPA

Finally, there is a new tool to measure the impact of a campaign on offline sales – Nielsen MPA (Matched Panel Analysis). A geo-based solution that offers a fast, media-agnostic way to track which online adverts (including video and other Google media) have driven offline sales. In a recent study, Nielsen MPA revealed that YouTube ads increased sales for 14 out of 19 products. Advice from YouTube has clarified their preference for adverts and advertisers that match or compliment their own content, as this is a way that YouTube can ensure relevancy and an overall positive UX.


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