This is the Spot Studio blog. A minefield of useful information

This isn’t just a blog. This is the Spot Studio blog. A minefield of useful information, helpful graphics and wittily written articles which are designed to show you just how you can make those improvements to your business and increase digital productivity.

Taking an empirical approach to all of our subjects, we back up all of our claims with facts 100% of the time. See, we did it right there. Unlike other digital agency blogs, we want to give you a proper insight into the running of the business and how we actually manage to increase conversions across the board.

It’s all well and good us saying ‘we know how to make your business make money’, but we’d rather show you how we can achieve it, and how you can achieve results yourselves.

On topics ranging from our eCommerce agency news and increasing conversions, to branding, design and marketing, we want to create a comprehensive and up-to-date guide of digital business and branding. Especially important in the modern age where your business could really be losing out if it’s not at the top of its game.


A diverse and international team of content creators, technology developers, artists and marketeers, we keep at the forefront of developments in business and will use our blog to highlight some of the more interesting or most exciting developments in the industry.

Specialists in our fields, we are the commandos – a crack team who cut through the rubbish and create. Create solutions; create systems; create styles of business and create sales. The bottom line is that everything we do is to help other people’s businesses build stronger foundations and generate larger profit margins. We make good things happen.

So if your business has a digital outlet – scratch that – because your business has a digital outlet, follow us here and learn about what makes better business practice.

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Sebastian Paszek

Marketing manager

Controlling the chaos of the digital landscape, Sebastian is a multiplatform executive, project manager and photographer.