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Google Analytics Tools and Plugins

How good would it be to have a nice big list of all the great Google Analytics tools and plugins all in one place? Really good is the answer you’re looking for…

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a master list of sorts of all the Google Analytics tools and plugins you could possibly need!

Google Analytics Tools

google analytics tools

Source: Marketing Watch 


Custom Report: End to End Paid Search

This report from one of the Google Analytics team summarises the key AdWords metrics quite nicely so you can understand the bigger picture. Although, remember the difference in click attribution AdWords and Analytics use.


Paid Search

Adwords itself gives plenty of insight for day to day PPC management from the AdWords console, and these give extra value to the AdWords analysis you can do.


Advanced Segment: Top Ad Slot and Right Hand Ad Slot

These Advanced segments from the Google Analytics Solution library add ease to your analysis by splitting up your top performers by Top Slot and Right Hand positions. This is a great way to check out if you just need to be soon or if you should be spending top dollar for an ad position.


Dashboard: eCommerce

This website is packed full of resources for you and you’ll love it. The eCommerce dashboard gives you analysis of your SEO efforts such as visit data, revenue, source and keyword analysis.


Visit by Hour of Day

You can better inform your style of content by getting to know your user better. You can also figure out when best to schedule content and when to distribute it for more impact. There’s three key areas you can analyse using this:

– Behaviour

– Conversions

– Acquisitions

It’s a great tool and you can import it here.


Dashboard: Basic Visitor Facts


Google Analytics dashboard tool


This dashboard can help you get the following information about your visitors:

– How many people are visiting your website?

– Where do they live?

– What language do they speak?

– What kind of device (smartphone, laptop, etc) do they use for surfing your site?

– Which browser do they use?

– What’s the resolution of their display?

It’s great for any webmaster who wants an eclectic mix of basic facts and figures about their website visitors.


Dashboard: Mobile vs Non Mobile Visitors


mobile and non mobile dashboard for Google analytics


This dashboard does as it says really. It compares data from people who accessed your site from desktop vs those who browse via mobile. Data such as visits, transactions, transaction value and product revenue are available. You can get it here.


Dashboard: Social Media


Social Media Dashboard Google analytics

If you use social media to promote your website, if you use social sharing buttons on your site and if get traffic from social media, then you need this dashboard. Google Analytics of course must be installed, and preferably social sharing buttons on site will be tagged to send data to GA. From this dashboard you can get the following data:

  • – Where people are talking about and sharing your site
  • – Where your social traffic comes from and how much it’s worth
  • – Loyalty of your social visitors
  • – How many social shares your pages get on-site

Get it here. Enjoy!

Google Analytics Plugins


MooTools: Instruct Google to Track Outbound Links


Mootools google analytics jquery


Google Analytics provides ample information about who is referring people to your website, but have you ever wondered where you’re referring other people? Well that dream is about to become a reality! By using MooTools 1.2 you can instruct Google’s pageTracker to track outbound links. To find out how, head here


JQuery for Outbound Links

jquery google analytics


Following on from MooTools, you know you’d like to track your outbound links, especially if you’re a blog or website with lots of them. But what if you don’t want to add the necessary Javascript to every outbound link? Well that’s where JQuery comes in. First, download it here. Once installed you’ll have to do a little bit of Javascript, but it’s not too overbearing.


Auto-Tracking File Downloads and Outbound Links Automatically


Google Analytics Brian Clifton

You can use this plugin instead of modifying links manually. It does some other stuff too:

– Automatically track all mailto: links

– Automatically track File downloads – MS Office (doc/x, xls/x, ppt/x), exe, zip, txt, pdf

– Automatically track outbound exit links i.e. those not local to

There’s a few other advantages:

– It’s flexible for each type (download link, exit link, mailto link, outbound link), and you can select if these are tracked as a virtual page view or an event. There’s also multiple pageTracker support which works with multiple page tags.
– Improve bounce rate calculation – You can optionally set a timeout to redefine a bounced visit e.g. treat a single page visit as a bounce if time on page = 30+ seconds
– It’s completely self-contained and independent of all other libraries.


Customising the SEO List for GA

This plugin requires you to purchase the Javascript (from £48). It’s worth it for digital marketers who run localised SEO accounts. It’s advantages include:

– Self-contained code – does not depend on JQuery or any other libraries

– Tracks keywords used on Google image search

– Adds price comparison engines,

– Separates out regional search engines (instead of the default GA behaviour of lumping all together as google, yahoo etc.)

– Adds 219 regional variations –,, etc.

– Adds 46 other search engines – from middle east, far east and eastern Europe

Well worth it in our opinion.

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