SEO Dashboards for Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a real bore. Sifting through all that data can be time consuming, mind-numbing and, worst of all, often fruitless. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for it can be hard to find the information that you’re after.

Though it needn’t be like this!

With our collection of SEO dashboards for Google Analytics you can add simple widgets to your Analytics account, allowing you to digest data in a matter of seconds.

Google Analytics SEO Dashboards

Your Google Analytics account will allow you to add up to 12 widgets to each dashboard, creating the easiest way to read and understand SEO data in one simple snapshot. Combining the most important SEO metrics, these reports will help you get a full grasp on how search efforts are panning out.

You can create your own custom SEO dashboard to display the precise data that you want, though if you’re looking to save time the following dashboards can be imported into your Analytics account for free.

To add the following SEO dashboards to your Google Analytics account you must:

  • Be signed into your Google Analytics account
  • Have at least ‘Read & Analyze’ access to the chosen website

Then all you need to do to import the report is simply click one of the buttons in the below article. There will either be an import button in the top left of the screen, or you will be prompted with this:

SEO Reporting Dashboard Google Analytics

Once you have chosen the website you want to use the report for, you will then find your dashboards under the ‘Customization’ tab in your Analytics account:

Custom SEO Dashboards

The Complete SEO Starter Pack

The Complete SEO Starter Pack contains an SEO dashboard, custom reports and segments to analyse and report on your all of your SEO efforts.

You can use the reports to understand your available keywords (that are provided) and drill down into your unknown keywords (that are not provided).

The starter pack will also segment traffic from Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Complete SEO Starter Pack Google Analytics

The SEO Reporting Suite

This SEO reporting suite comes from James Gurd, who runs a specialist eCommerce consultancy called Digital Juggler.

This dashboard is very simple and comes with a whole heap of widgets to help you understand your important keywords, landing pages and eCommerce metrics.

SEO Reporting Suite Dashboard

The Non-branded Keywords Report

This SEO dashboard filters out branded keywords and focuses instead on goal completions and revenue from search.

SEO Keywords Report Dashboard

In order to customise the report you will have to go to ‘Edit’ and change the excluded keyword to your brand name.

The SEO ROI Dashboard

If you are working on your SEO, you best be setting goals. If not, you’re doing it wrong. Thankfully this dashboard helps you track your SEO goals so you can figure out exactly what’s going on.

This SEO report dashboard looks at your ROIs by focusing on the following metrics:

Visits – the total number of visits to the website.
Bounce Rate – the quality of the users visiting your website.
Goal Completions – with your goals set this will show you how many completed them at a glance.
Goal Conversion Rate – the amount of goals per visitor.
Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3 Completions – the goals that you want to measure. For instance, making a purchase, or signing up.
Transactions – for eCommerce websites, this is pretty invaluable.
Revenue – pretty self-explanatory.

SEO Goals Report Dashboard

SEO Dashboard – Finding Top Content and Keywords

This dashboard gives you a view of the top landing pages by goal completions. At the same time, you can see top long tail keywords by conversion and bounce rates for future content marketing ideas.
Before you begin you will need to set up custom goals and ensure that your tracking is correctly configured.

SEO Dashboard Google Analytics

The Content Performance Dashboard

This SEO dashboard will take a look at how your content strategy is performing. And as we all know good content is the key to any SEO strategy, so this report will really help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. The dashboard will focus on your

  • Highest viewed pages
  • Slowest pages
  • Pages with the highest and lowest bounce rates
  • Pages with highest and lowest visitor engagement

By looking at what pages are getting high traffic and high bounce rates, for example, you can look to A/B test your layout to improve results. Increasing page speed, too, will dramatically help with SEO efforts as well as UX.

SEO Content Dashboard Analytics

Mobile First

Increasingly users are not only researching, but making purchases via mobile devices. And with Google making efforts to prioritise mobile results first, your SEO efforts should be looking at mobile as well as desktop.

This dashboard focuses on the following metrics:

  • SEO traffic by device
  • Top mobile keywords
  • Top viewed mobile content
  • Slowest loading pages on mobile
  • Highest and lowest pages by engagement

Monitoring these metrics will help you discover where to improve your mobile SEO efforts.

Mobile SEO Reports ROI Dashboard

The Ecommerce SEO Dashboard

This eCommerce dashboard will give you an in-depth analysis of your SEO efforts. You will be be able to see if your non-branded organic traffic generates higher revenue and transactions than your other traffic sources.

The best part of this dashboard is that it will demonstrably show whether your SEO efforts are profitable in both quantifiable and measurable results.

eCommerce SEO dashboard from Vagelis Varfis

The Client Dashboard

The perfect dashboard for your SEO clients. Answer the most common questions that your clients might have without having to get into deep and complicated reports.

It covers the following metrics:

  • Sessions
  • Users
  • Pageviews
  • Organic Searches by Full Referrer
  • Organic Searches by Keyword
  • Visits by Traffic Type (PIE Chart)
  • Visits by Source
  • Pageviews by Page
  • Visits by Continent (GeoMap)
  • Visits by City
  • Visits by Language

Show some love to it’s creator Wilco here.

Client SEO Dashboard Analytics

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