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DeVono: Videos That We Done Did

We’re big advocates of the age old adage “if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million”. Although, come to think of it, it’s probably not that old an adage what with the advances in technology leading to video advertising only coming around in the last century. And by using words I’m kind of shooting myself in the foot by writing about it…


But I digress. The fact remains that video has become an increasingly more powerful medium in the last decade with the rise of streaming sites and high speed wifi networks. Where in the past it was the plaything of media moguls, it’s now the plaything of anyone with a mobile phone – and that means us!


No, we didn’t shoot this on a mobile phone, we have a proper guy with proper equipment who knows what he’s doing, but the option is there to film and publish online anything you want in a matter of seconds. And that’s incredibly powerful.


Our Client

DeVono, the largest tenant only property agency in the country, came to us looking to boost their website as well as to get people to understand what they’re all about. Even though the service they provide is completely unique, they were having a hard time differentiating themselves from the crowd of commercial property agents that clog up London’s property market and All Bar Ones.


Fighting to get tenant a better deal, it was of paramount importance to make this value statement the core of their online presence, and the best way we sought to achieve this was through creating beautiful and personal client testimonials like the one you see below:

Showcasing not only the incredible sorts of properties that DeVono can actually attain, but the manner in which they can do it is the most powerful message we can make.


In a day and age where the internet savvy know that people on the internet might just lie, and those testimonials you see written everywhere might not be true, seeing the real life satisfaction of a client is incredibly pertinent. It’s the most effective social proof available and has been subsequently used by our client as a step in their sales process and has, as our analytics results have gathered, increased user engagement on their website, which is nice.

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Philip Likos-Corbett

Information Architect

The smartest, best looking and most captivating guy at Spot Studio, Philip also writes these biographies.