Digital Marketing Case Study for loft conversion

Central London Lofts: A Digital Marketing Case Study

The Client

Central London Lofts are one of the city’s largest loft conversion specialists. With stiff competition across the capital, they brought us in to improve their online visibility via both search and cross-channel marketing.

Keywords in Top 3 Positions
Year-to-Year Traffic Growth
Leads Generated Per Month

Strategic Overview

The general outline of our strategy was to:

  1. Focus first on improving PPC campaigns for immediate wins.
  2. Optimise the website to generate leads.
  3. Develop a long-term, long-tail content and SEO strategy.
  4. Improve their online reputation.

With the average loft conversion costing in the area of £30,000, most people who are looking to have this work done on their property are doing extensive research into the right company for them.

As such, we wanted to make sure that CLL were delivering at every stage of the buying cycle: awareness, research, decision and purchase.

Let’s take a look at how we did it…

PPC Campaigns

With the majority of competitors running AdWords campaigns, the cost per click was inflated. So only the most optimised campaigns will stand a chance.

We achieved this by:

  1. Improving ad relevancy by narrowing down keyword terms.
  2. Enhancing the AdWords advert copy, bringing up the CTR.
  3. Revamping landing pages to improve both their relevance to the keywords and lead generation.

Working on optimising their PPC campaigns, we focused on reducing their Cost Per Acquisition:


Decrease in Cost Per Conversion.

Q1: £276.53 CPA

Q4: £57.99 CPA

Website Optimisation

CLL Homepage

CLL Projects


Leads per month.

Driving more traffic through the website meant that we needed to improve on how the pages themselves converted.

By improving on-page layout, and leveraging their portfolio images, we saw a rise in average leads generated of 65.3% to 81 per month.

contact leads

Search Engine Optimisation

We see SEO as an integral part of addressing two parts of the buyer’s journey: awareness and research. We wanted to make sure that CLL were not only visible when people were searching for a company, but that when they were researching around ‘loft conversions’ CLL were there too.

Here are the organic traffic and clicks CLL received from Jan 2017 to Jan 2018:

SEO Stats

And looking further back:

SEO statistics

The Results:


Keywords on Page 1.


Keywords in Top 3 Positions.

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