Soundproof Windows: An SEO Case Study

The Client

The Soundproof Windows are a specialist noise reduction solutions company. Part of a niche industry that is seeing substantial growth in the UK market, TSPW wanted to capitalise upon people both researching and looking to purchase products in the UK.

Keywords in Top 3 Positions
Keywords on Page 1
Year-to-Year Traffic Growth

Strategic Overview

The general outline of our strategy was to:

  1. Start slow and take advantage of “quick wins.”
  2. Focus on securing a handful of strategic links to important pages.
  3. Develop a long-term, long-tail content strategy.
  4. Level up over time, and target higher-value opportunities.

So let’s dive into the case study….

Building a New Website


Whilst ‘exact match’ domains aren’t always to be encouraged, TSPW was to become an authority in the industry and so ‘The Soundproof Windows’ as a brand identity made sense.


With increasing amounts of research and contact done via mobile, we made sure the site was on a high-speed server and a content delivery network.


As no products are sold through the website, and the website was to be more focused on lead generation, we opted for WordPress custom theme, optimised for speed.

Examining Search Results

By using our SEO tools to perform keyword research we were able to discover the search volumes for specific terms, and create a website structure that would approach these terms in grouped pages. This meant specific pages on noise pollution sources and products, as well as a long-form piece on soundproof windows in general.

More on that in a second…

Securing Links

Source: ASD

Although Google has done its best to nullify backlink strategies, there is still no better indicator of a website’s value or authority within an industry. By accruing high value backlinks from niche websites over a course of months we were able to slowly build traction in SERPs, and in a way that wouldn’t get us penalised.

This has now translated to a passive link acquisition strategy, where we push specific content and resources to relevant media outlets.

Content Creation

All of the website’s copy was written to be very keyword driven, but also information rich. We wanted to ensure that anyone who clicked on the website would discover what they wanted to know, or feel like the company was authoritative and therefore worth contacting.

Additionally, we have found a great deal of SEO success with more ‘long-form’ content that is updated over time, and so we developed an ‘Ultimate Guide to Soundproof Windows and Doors’. This was an overarching guide that would encompasses various search terms such as, ‘soundproof windows costs’, ‘installing soundproof windows’ & ‘how do soundproof windows work’.

Read the Guide Here!

Our Creation

That’s enough talking. Let’s get to the numbers.

Since the website launched in July 2016 we have seen dramatic growth.

SPW Organic Traffic Case Study

In terms of organic traffic we have gone from absolute zero to 3,324 users per month and growing. Since the beginning of this year (2017) we have seen a 2002.41% increase in organic traffic from 166 users back in January.

This equates to 6.68% of global industry search traffic (based on 47,907 monthly global search impressions).

In the UK this rises to 14.26% of search traffic (2,782 clicks from 19,506 impressions).

But is this valuable traffic?

Well, we have been tracking the leads generated through the website since the beginning of this year (2017), represented in the table below:

SEO Case Study Leads Generated

Over the last 9 months we have seen a 459.09% growth in lead generation purely through organic traffic. This is 14 points over the yearly traffic growth.

Looking to Improve Your Organic Traffic?

Search Positions

If you search for ‘Soundproof Windows UK’, we now occupy positions 1 & 2 in organic search.

SEO Case Study Search Positions

And in the last 3 months we have seen an increase across the board in search positions:

 Ranking  Number of Main Search Terms  Change
 #1—3  73  +14
 #4—10  73  +24
 #11—50  141  +73
 #51—100  62  +40
 #101+  13  +11

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