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The Abandoned Cart Blog

Our abandoned cart blog is filled with the latest news, trends, tips and tricks to ensure that you’re recouping as much money as possible from those abandoning your website.

We scour the internet and run our own A/B Tests to find out what exactly can be done about cart abandonment on your eCommerce website. With trillions left in carts across the planet each year, this is your own personal goldmine of information on how you can recoup some of those losses.

The Top Abandoned Cart Recovery Techniques

There are basically 4 top techniques to ensure that you can implement to bring back some of your lost revenue, which are covered in great detail in our blog below.

Exit Intent Technology

A simple pop up, prompting your users to make a purchase or to submit their contact details, find out all you need to know about how it can be used to prevent users leaving goods in your digital cart.

What is Exit Intent Technology?

4 Reasons You Must be Using Exit Intent Technology

25 Examples of Excellent Exit Intent Popups


Proven to be 3 times as effective as your standard PPC campaigns, remarketing is a great way to prompt users to come back and visit your website and go through with that purchase.

The Beginners Guide to Remarketing

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Retargeting

Persistent Carts

A piece of technology that you simply can’t afford to miss out on, persistent carts stored cookies on your user’s computer to help push those purchases.

What are Persistent Carts?

Abandoned Cart Emails

Delivering an incredible ROI, abandoned cart emails can be automated to save you a massive amount of admin time, and will draw your customers back to your eCommerce store.

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices

White Papers

At Spot Studio we also produce white papers on cart abandonment. In depth studies on the latest statistics and what the companies around you are doing to combat it.

The eCommerce Abandoned Cart White Paper 2016

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