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Google Analytics Resources

Learn how to get the most out of Google Analytics!

With step by step guides, case studies and customisation tutorials, learn how to make the most of Google Analytics! By learning how to read data and make it work for you, you will begin to see your website in a whole new light.


1. Understand what Google Analytics is and can do for your business.

2. Learn the basics of how you can manipulate Google Analytics to suit your website and business structure.

3. Incorporate analytics data into the development of your business strategy.

4. Develop advanced techniques and an expert level understanding of how to use Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

A free suite for created by Google, the latest iteration is the Google Analytics 360 Suite. In their own words:

A set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed for the needs of marketers in the world’s largest companies.

The most comprehensive tool you have available in your arsenal to measure, track and understand your digital data. Through practically infinite customisation you can create ports that make sense to you without having to wade through figures that don’t make sense.

eCommerce Dashboards

Often overlooked by marketeers, customising eCommerce dashboards will help you and your clients better understand their data. Here are our guides on how to make your data make more sense:

How to Create Custom eCommerce Dashboards for Google Analytics

Optimising Google Analytics for eCommerce Websites

Google Analytics Tools and Plugins

Google Analytics Strategy

Learn how to use Google Analytics data to create strategies and optimise eCommerce conversion rates by getting a better grasp of what those numbers mean to you.

The Commerce Analytics Strategy Guide

How to Perform an SEO Audit

How to Measure & Use the Top Website Metrics

How to Measure Financial KPIs for eCommerce Websites

Browse through the rest of our Google Analytics Resources below:

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