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Certified Partners of VWO for A/B Testing

I’m mad for A/B testing. Anyone who knows me personally knows that my obsession extends into my everyday life, and I’m often found running tests on how best to wear my hair and the type of knot I should use on my tie. Ok, maybe it doesn’t go that far – I don’t wear ties, but I’ve been a staunch advocate for the benefits of A/B Testing for years now, and as our study on gauging user engagement through A/B Testing demonstrated, the virtues of multivariate tests cannot be extolled enough.


A lot of the trials we implement are done through a fantastic tool: Visual Web Optimiser (VWO), which allows you to run multiple variations of a website at the same time, whilst monitoring certain metrics that you put in place.


It’s all well and good creating a website that looks sleek and for all intents and purposes works, but we want to create sites that deliver the highest quality user experience and the greatest return for our clients investment. Employing extended statistical testing means that we can make those fine adjustments to the website in order to achieve those results.


Now, some people may feel that this is an approach which can only be applied to eCommerce websites, where optimising the look of the site will affect sales, but the truth is that we’ve seen some fantastic returns on user engagement and increases in leads due to the simple movement of downloadable brochures or the inclusion of video content. Just those little details have contributed tangibly to increases in profits through the conversion of leads achieved as consequence of optimising the website’s aesthetic and functionality.


Not long ago we undertook a test using VWO on Muc-Off’s website (more here) which was extremely successful. Successful enough, in fact, for VWO to take notice and approach us to write a case study on it for their website, which we were more than happy to deliver and to a good response from their users.


Consequently, we’ve now been endorsed as one of their certified partners for our commitment to expansive and insightful A/B Testing. This not only means that we’ve been accredited as experts in the field by Wingify who created the tool, but are recommended to their clients as a company that can achieve results if conversion rate optimisation services are required.


We’re delighted to be partners with such a progressive company and powerful tool, and will be further expanding our pool of statistical tests in order to ensure that each of our products is achieving maximum results. In the mean time I will be trialing hair style B: ‘the centre parting’ in order to see whether that can help get my coffee quicker in the mornings.

If you want to know how the results of ‘the mohawk’ went, or perhaps to discuss the benefits of A/B testing and VWO GET IN TOUCH




Sebastian Paszek

Marketing manager

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