Our Beautiful Boscolo Blog Is Launched

A luxury interior design and architectural agency, Boscolo are one of our long term clients. Producing some stunning properties, their style reflects a fusion of modern Persian with European design, though some of their newer properties seem to stray into a new territory altogether whilst still delivering a true sense of luxury.


Luxury! The very word is like a bell…


Redeveloping their website we were keen to reflect their eye for outstanding aesthetics and create a digital presence which could do their portfolio justice. Just recently we have completed the content strategy for their blog over the next 6 months, developing categories and tags based upon market research we carried out with prominent bloggers in their industry, and have completed the the new layout for their posts.



Boscolo Interior Design Blog



Working on a general ratio of 60% images to 40% writing, which our research showed to work best, we have created a layout that is built around beautiful photos that will, most importantly, display properly on all mobile devices.




Boscolo Interior Design Blog Post



Boscolo Interior Design Blog Mobile



Rather than going to a pinteresty blog, where there’s a deluge of pictures, we wanted the reader to take time as they scrolled down, to actually absorb what they’re looking at and to reflect on what was written about the image as they do so.


Come and take a read of our first blog here: www.boscolo.co.uk/blog

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Sebastian Paszek

Marketing manager

Controlling the chaos of the digital landscape, Sebastian is a multiplatform executive, project manager and photographer.