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Latest Web Design: Russells Solicitors

We have had the privilege of working with some really interesting companies over the years, run by people from all walks of life, operating in all sorts of industries. 

Though one of the coolest clients, for whom we’ve just completed a website redesign, is Russells Solicitors. Russells specialise in media and entertainment law and have worked with some of the most famous people to have walked the planet, though you will likely never have heard of them, because they do a good job of keeping their name out of the papers.

Operating from their Soho offices, their approach is first and foremost professional, but at the same time they are completely grounded and have a straight up personality. They’re lawyers, yes, but they’re cool lawyers.

Solicitors Website Design


The major driver for the redesign was a lack of responsiveness, which as we all know by now is a death-mark for current search engine visibility. Their website now responds to any screen size, ensuring usability across all devices. This is not only user friendly, but extremely important given the recent news that Google’s Mobile First Index is finally coming to life.


Mobile Adaptable Solicitors Website Design

The next major change was how the site was structured. It was of paramount importance for Russells to showcase the talented staff that they have, giving any prospective client an insight into who they would be working with. This was achieved by creating individual staff profiles which are broken down by specialisation; book publishing and privacy & reputation management for instance.

Users are then funnelled along to find the solicitor that would best represent their needs, dramatically increasing the amount of leads the website was producing.


Web design Services Breakdown


It was important that the website wasn’t stuffed to the brim with unnecessary content, so we have kept the pages slim and direct – inviting users to contact them without any nonsense or fluffy sales speak. Social proof is dotted throughout the website in the way of frank, sharp testimonials from their clients and a news section hints at who some of their clients might just be.


Simple website redesign

A short but sweet project, the Russells Solicitors website design was produced from scratch using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. However, we also work with WordPress themes in order to deliver a more rapid turnaround.

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