Weekly Roundup #50 – Product Names, Instagram Stories & Gift Guides

We’re close to completing a whole year of the weekly roundup series! If you missed last week’s roundup then click here. If you’re all up to date, then let’s begin.


Ikea Renamed Products to Fit with SEO-Focused Campaign

seo focused campaign

Source: eConsultancy


Ikea has gotten itself a name for being a master of branding, marketing and advertising and there’s plenty of evidence to justify the title. Their Retail Therapy website is part of its Where Life Happens Campaign, developed by Åkestam Holst – a Swedish agency – takes a very clever SEO-focused approach to promoting their wares.

The agency took a look at common Google search queries in Sweden related to relationship problems. Then it selected products that can “solve” those issues, renamed them with those search queries and added them to the Retail Therapy website. Here’s what came of it:


– Champagne flutes sold as When Children Leave Home.

– A daybed bearing the name, My Partner Snores.

– A dishwasher that has been named My Girlfriend Won’t Do the Dishes.

– A frying pan called How to Stay Married.


All in all there’s over 100 products that have these strange but SEO-friendly names on the Retail Therapy website which has the same aesthetic as the Ikea website. Arguably a bit gimmicky – the weird tactic actually works. ‘My Partner Snores’ is on the first page for the search query – and so is She Doesn’t Want to Cuddle – a mattress wedge. Whether this will actually drive sales or not we’re yet to find out. Ultimately though, naming your products after localised search terms might not be such a bad idea.



Digital Marketing News

5 Juicy Marketing Stats from This Week

digital marketing stats 2016

Source: Olu Eletu


You know we love to dish out the stats in our weekly roundups, so here’s 5 quick-fire stats we think you should know about today:


1. Emails Proven to be Effective for Prompting Purchases After Abandonment – Some solid proof has emerged from Experian’s Q3 Email Benchmark Report which found that customers who receive multiple abandonment emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete a transaction than those who receive only one.

2. 75% of Retailers Aren’t Listening to Customer Feedback – According to eCommera, there’s an increasing gap between retailers’ perceptions of the customer experience and the actual reality of it. Ninety-nine percent of 500 European retailers claim to measure customer loyalty, but only 25% of them say they use customer feedback to do so. They’re relying on the number or value of purchases instead. Poor show.

3. 8 in 10 Customers Find Misleading Business Info from Searches – A new survey from Yext has revealed how critical inaccuracies in online business data is misleading customers. Out of 2,000 consumers, 8 in 10 reported that they encountered incorrect information when researching a business online, with almost half (43%) claiming that this isn’t a rare occurrence.

4. 31% of Customers Use Smartphones to Click-through and Buy from Email – The DMA’s Consumer Email Tracker 2016 report stated that email remains the most used medium for reaching your customers. 51% access emails with a smartphone and this rises to 69% for younger respondents.

5. 46% of Millennials Plan to Christmas Shop from Their Smartphone – Catchpoint revealed recently how UK consumers doing their Christmas shopping this year, with younger consumers three times more likely to use their phone than older customers. Apparently this is down to lower stress rates with 42% of the younger respondents claiming it’ll result in a happier gift shopping experience.




How 3 Retailers are Using Gift Guides to Inspire Shoppers

Retail Gift Guide

Source: Pandora

Pandora (Above)

Now these guys are essentially using the drop down filter as a gift guide. Despite it looking holiday related and that being highlighted on the homepage, there isn’t actually a ‘Christmas’ option – it’s a ‘What Are You Celebrating?’ question – which is quite interesting. What we like about this is the ‘Who Is It For’ and ‘What Is She Like’ options. It’s quite a nice way of picking out a gift – it’s like asking a real person what their loved one is like so you can make a personal recommendation.


John Lewis

john lewis gift finder


John Lewis are constantly nailing customer service and user experience, especially with their interactive gift finder. It allows you to first choose between eight different kinds of gifts, before helping you narrow it down by price. The only downside though is if you fail to identify with the categories like ‘glitzy’ or ‘warm and cosy’, but hey, it’s still a pretty good idea.



ASOS gift guide


ASOS are doing something pretty cool in our eyes because most of all it appeals to how millennials think – ‘How much can I spend on my friends this year?’. It has an element of honesty to it, and it means that any budget can afford to buy someone something this year. It’s effective, and it definitely helps narrow down the mass amount of products they offer. We’ve got ‘Save’, ‘Spend’ and ‘Splurge’. Good going, ASOS.



Social Media

How to Succeed on Platforms Like Instagram Stories

It’s like there’s a new channel emerging every week, and for digital marketers that’s pretty taxing, considering you more or less have to learn that new channel inside out just to use it effectively.

Let’s talk specifically about Instagram’s new Explore tab, which also features ‘Stories’ – rolling posts which appear 24 hours after they’re posted. It provides users with content from Instagram users they don’t already follow and no other platform seems to make discovery this easy.

Opening up a plethora of new possibilities for brands, everything comes with a risk. How do you effectively use a tool like this, especially when considering that  50% of marketers have more content than they can effectively manage at the moment?

To solve an issue like this, it’s all starts with collaboration and communication. Brands need to be able to work together across the whole ecosystem of marketing. Being able to communicate about projects and agree approval allows brands to align their marketing content and ensure the strategy isn’t diluted when it’s distributed across different channels.

Here are some tips:


– Ensure branding is cohesive and do not treat Snapchat Stories as an ‘add on’ to your current campaign

– Be agile to integrate new tools into wider strategies

– Create strict brand guidelines and an agreed strategy that ensures businesses can be consistent and authentic in their communications as well as responding to current affairs and trends quickly.

– Now that brands can be found organically, they will need to appeal to a mass audience whilst simultaneously keeping within the confines of their brand image and guidelines

– Everyone in the organisation must have an understanding of what the brand stands for, with all assets remaining on brand even for real time with fast, responsive content is required.




Leanplum’s Data Science Year in Review

leanplum data science

Source: Leanplum


It’s coming to the end of 2016, and Leanplum have released three heavy-duty data science reports that unveil the key trends to app success:


1. Breaking Barriers – uncovered the times apps send versus when people open push notifications around the world.

2. Personalize or Bust – examines the impact of personalisation on app engagement.

3. Retention, Revealed – investigates the current state of app retention, and explored what mobile teams can do to improve their numbers.


They also shared their key findings from 2016, some of which include how 61% of marketers send push at the wrong time, how Android and iOS are racing for engagement, how personalised push content garners four times the amount of engagement, as well as how apps lose the majority of their users by Day 1. That’s some bad news on the end there, but luckily they provide the solution. We thought they had some really insightful information to reflect on, so grab a coffee and find out what you might have been missing this whole year.

Weekly Roundups only include what we know you need to know. Ya dig?


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