LOcal SEO and Global SEO

Improving Local and Global SEO

What Are Local and Global SEO?

For your online content to be discovered and delivered by global and local search engines it is imperative to understand what people are searching for, and on what platforms. Search Engine Optimisation works on a local and global level, and your business can gain more traction if you take steps towards enhancing both.

Improving Local SEO

Local Directories

Local SEO can be improved in several ways – starting with simply adding your businesses full details to the local directories. Whilst this can be a time consuming task it is an investment that will boost your local visibility, and build links to your website.

Google My Business

Another easy and effective way to improve your local SEO is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) page. This free resource greatly increases the visibility of your site and Google has put particular focus on mobile data for local listing results.

Location Landing Pages

Creating location-specific landing pages that target the users in your area is another way to ensure success in local searches. These ‘local’ landing pages can be targeted towards the keyword searches in that area, which can be discovered through tools such as Moz and Google Trends. These pages should have content that is unique, and add Meta titles and descriptions, page URLs and relevant link building will help further.

User Reviews

User reviews have become increasingly more valuable to local businesses. Last year, 74% of consumers consulted the reviews pages when making a decision to use a local business or not. Reviews are displayed prominently in search results, which makes them a dominant factor is the success of your local search engine ranking.

Many of the improvements made to your local SEO may also help with your global SEO, however there are some more specific things that you can do to ensure a higher search engine ranking across the globe.

How to Improve Global SEO

Global SEO Header Image

Global custom is worth pursuing; just under half of the global population (49.1% to be precise) is online. Of the 3.61 billion people that are online, 2.66 billion are non-English speakers, meaning that if your content is only available in English you have essentially excluded the majority of your potential customers.


Geo-targeting is one way to deliver different content based on the location of the visitor. By enabling your website to recognise the IP address of the visitor it becomes possible to change the language, currency, local offers and product range to accommodate their specific needs.

Alternate Search Platforms

When considering the large numbers of people searching online, it seems wise to consider which search engines they use too. Although Google is the most popular, a close second is Baidu from China. It is a good investment of your time to ensure that your content can be discovered by Baidu along with any other search engines that are popular in the areas that you wish to target.

Search Registration

Registering your site with Googles Search Console, Yandex Web Masters, Bing Webmasters, Baidu Webmaster and any other relevant local search engines will help make your site more visible, as will submitting your sites sitemap for indexing as this describes your sites structure and content to each of the search engines.

Global Search Terms

Whilst being visible to search engines across the globe is a step in the right direction, it is vital that you have the correct keywords for each region. Performing some keyword research can be invaluable as you can use the insights to adapt your content and search keywords for the different markets as they tend to vary from country to country.

Being aware of the subtle differences in language and being meticulous with your choice of words will ensure that your brand is correctly portrayed to the global market, and will therefore make for more successful search results and ROI.

Including these simple steps in your SEO strategy will greatly improve your local and global visibility. Even your small brands might find an audience on the far reaches of the globe. If you don’t try, you’ll never find out.


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