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Rethinking Retargeting with Visual Analysis

Retargeting has become a complex and complicated task for the marketer, and so any tools or technology that can make it a success should be welcomed with open arms.

Data visualisation technology enables marketers to ask questions of their data, which the technology will answer using the data available to it. This is an essential tool in understanding your company’s data, your consumers and their behaviour.

Consumer behaviour can be tracked in real time, and can be analysed in order to predict trends – all of which allows companies to create the best strategy possible.

Visual data analysis will save businesses time and resources by improving productivity, yet 91% of companies are yet to use their data to a ‘transformational’ degree. Data analysis is one of the top priorities for the coming years, so we take a look at how visual analytics could be part of this journey.

Combine Forces

When looked at individually, different data sources will provide different – or even conflicting – insights. In any case, it will give only a partial view of consumer behaviour, so combining and cross-checking data from all sources will give a fuller picture. Previously missed issues or problems can be found using this method, and it may help to further identify a customer’s relationship to the company. With this information, it is possible to resolve past issues and reconnect with consumers at the right time and place.

Visual Decision-Making

When data is presented in a visual format it is far easier to understand its meaning, which is true for all personalities throughout the company. The instinctive reactions that people have to visual information means that it is more easily digested, spoken about and interpreted. In turn this makes decision-making quicker, easier and more effective.

The Past Informs the Future

By sifting through all the past data, visual analytics are able to predict things about the future – the success of a campaign perhaps, or how consumers might react to it. Common patterns emerge from this data that can inform the creative or messaging, and the technology can even test intended actions against past behaviour to anticipate the response.

Accurate Customer Profiles

The range of media platforms and communication methods means that retargeting has become a more complicated task. Establishing accurate buyer profiles is a crucial step in properly retargeting customers, as the profile will identify if a customer is a frequent visitor and a responsive customer or if they are a more casual and reactive consumer. Visual analysis provides precise and accurate profiles, that businesses can use to share relevant ads, information and offers with the right type of consumer and on the best channel for them.

A Case Study: Allrecipes

The world’s largest digital food company, Allrecipes, has invested heavily in visual analytics in order to better understand their customer’s journey. Allrecipes has added elements throughout the site that will gather up-to-date, accurate and accessible data, such as a customer dashboards and real time updates to understand the levels of engagement. Visual analysis means that the company can keep on top of the huge amounts of real time data that they acquire, turning it into a valuable resource that will keep them at the top of their game.


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