Weekly Roundup #18 – Drip Campaigns, Millennial Facts & Tablets

Last week we gave you the lowdown on Millennials, Checkout and Customer Retention and this week we’ll be focusing on drip campaigns, Millennial facts and tablets. We run this series weekly so you can sign up at the bottom of the page to have them delivered right to your inbox! But for now, let’s get started.

Mobile Guide: Improving Page Load Times


73% of mobile users have encountered slow loading websites according to Akamai, normally when out and about, relying on 4G. HubSpot recently studied the performance of over 26,000 websites, and their research showed that the average load time for most pages was 4 seconds. The things causing this wait time tend to be images and videos – ones that aren’t optimised for mobile itself let alone mobile data connection.


You might think that the loading time is a small price to pay to witness your landing page in all of its spectacular and well planned glory, but truth be told it’s not. Your slow loading times are stressing your visitors and this affects your brand perception and above all your conversion rate. The loading time of your website is actually stressing the user out as much as they would be watching a horror movie. A 38% increase in heart rate.


Now we’ve established how ridiculous the human race is, how can we make this better? There’s a few ways:


  • – Test for Mobile Friendliness
  • – Minify Code – Especially Javascript
  • – Compress Images
  • – Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • – Load Videos in the Background

Mobile Millennials: The Facts

The American internet analytics company, comScore MobiLens has come up with some great insights on millennials and their mobiles:


  • – Almost a quarter of millennials in Germany use their mobiles to take photos of products in store and a further 18% of them send these photos to friends and family. Some of them even text family and friends about products during their trip. (14.7%)
  • – Mobile usage begins before millennials even arrive in store, with 8.5% of them researching a retailer’s location before hand.
  • – Price comparison is a key activity with almost 14% comparing while in store.
  • – 11.2% of Millennials research products while shopping, although only 3.15% of them go a step further and purchase online.


Mobile devices are altering the way consumers purchase, we’ve mentioned it a million times. The research tells us that millennials are relying heavily on mobile devices even when high street shopping, so take heed of the above information when optimising the online version of your store and make sure the information your users need is there.

Writing Amazing Drip Campaign Emails

drip email campaigns


Neil Patel at CrazyEgg shares some amazing tips when it comes to writing irresistible drip email campaigns. Here are the key takeaways:


Write All Your Emails in One Session

You’re gonna want your drip campaign to have a unified feel to it, so naturally if you write all the emails in one go it’ll flow together nicely.


You Need Quality

Your emails are only as good as how you write them. Which is why if you don’t feel you’re good enough at writing, you should outsource. It’s well worth using your resources to hire someone who can write engaging copy for you. This is an incredibly important part of the marketing process and you don’t want to send out low quality emails.


Short Lines Work Better

Shorter words and shorter lines work best for emails. Of course it all comes down to attention span. If the user has read through a million emails that day they want the vital info to be placed in obvious view. Shorter lines make the information easier to digest and though it might look disjointed, if they’re set up this way the reader feels like their making progress quicker.


Shorter the Better

It’s a rule of thumb that emails should be generally quite short. Although it really depends on how long the user has been subscribed to you. The shorter the time they’ve been subscribed the shorter your email should be.


Add a P.S. or two at the end of each email. Coming back to attention span again, if there’s any particularly important points to your email consider putting them at the end as the user is most likely to remember the last thing they read.


A Personal Tone

Even if you’re selling the most impersonal product in the world you still need a bit of personality. Write them an email as though you’re writing to them from yourself personally. The tone depends on the audience, but have a think about how you can turn standard copy into a personal read. On the other hand though, don’t try too hard or they’ll think Hilary Clinton is emailing them.

Email Programs You Should Be Sending


There are certain types of emails that every marketer should be sending out to users. We’ll keep it short and sweet and list them for you:


  1. – Newsletters
  2. – Abandoned Cart
  3. – Welcome Emails
  4. – Inactive Customer Win-Back
  5. – Browsing Abandonment


These are all really important to the overall sales cycle with your customers. If you want to get to know more about these then head on over to Klaviyo.

eReaders Holding Steady in the UK Tablet Market


eReaders are continuing to hold their own in the UK marketplace with a quarter of the population predicted to use one in 2016. An estimated 16.5 million people in the UK will use one and this is an increase of 5.1% since last year. By 2020 eMarketer has estimated that a massive 18.4 million individuals (27.1%) will be using them at least once a month.


While eReaders seem to be filling in a niche, tablets seem to remain the ‘do it all’ device. Growth in the tablet is said to signal another milestone in the UK marketplace.

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