Abandoned Cart White Paper 2016

The eCommerce Abandoned Cart White Paper 2016

The eCommerce Abandoned Cart White Paper 2016


The Spot Studio eCommerce Abandoned Cart White Paper is a unique insight into how abandoned carts are affecting the eCommerce industry. It’s full of information on what businesses are doing to recoup losses, the types of technologies employed and the ROIs that you can expect.


Having investigated over 300 companies, you will discover the latest trends that the eCommerce industry is using to deal with abandoned carts. From the TOP RETAILERS to SMEs, we’ve take a broad approach to get an understanding of what businesses both big and small are doing.

Our White Paper Offers You


Excerpts From The White Paper


Figures for the total value of the eCommerce industry vary widely from source to source, though the general consensus is that 2015 saw eCommerce sales totalling around $1.7 trillion. According to Emarketer, this accounts for 7.3% of the total retail sales of $22.822 trillion. This is a trend…

Persistent Carts

Cookies are now opt-in, which may explain why some online retailers are not using this technique (avoiding obfuscation of the sales funnel). Really, there is no excuse, especially when you consider that 56% of visitors intend to save their carts for later…

Abandoned Cart Emails

Our study found that of the top 60 UK retailers including Argos, Next and Asos, only a surprising 22.95% actually sent an abandoned cart email (ACE), whilst 26% of the top online clothing stores did. The SMEs were out in the lead with…

Exit Intent Technology

The amount of consumers who ‘only ever’ bought using a discount code has also risen by 70% to 17% of all consumers – ‘regular’ users of discounts now amount to 16% of UK…

Our Results Include…


Over 90% of all companies we investigated were employing cookies to store the user’s carts, meaning that any who weren’t were way behind the trend.


Converse to our assumptions, SMEs were ahead of the game when it came to abandoned cart emails, with 29.5% of them entering their users into their funnels, whilst only 26% of the top online clothing stores did.


Only 2% of the top 50 online clothing retailers are currently using exit intent technology in order to save an abandoned cart, with a great deal immediately offering discount codes instead.


The top 50 clothing companies were leading the field with Facebook re-marketing with almost a quarter (24%) of these brands using Facebook to reach their website visitors once again.


Of the SMEs only 47.5% were using Google remarketing as a way to re-engage with their visitors – way behind the top shopping brands who were at 78.6%.


  • The Cost of Abandoned Carts

    Understand the scale of abandoned carts.

  • Understand The Techniques

    Find out what techniques businesses are employing in order to recoup abandoned carts.

  • ROIs

    Discover the ROIs your company can make.

  • Remarketing

    Discover the ROIs you can expect with remarketing.

  • Exit Intent Technology

    Learn how exit intent technology is and isn’t utilised to its full potential.

Abandoned Cart White Paper 2016

Having done some serious data mining, we’re delighted to announce that our latest abandoned cart white paper is now available for download.

A must-read for any eCommerce agency looking to increase its conversion rate, claim your free copy now!


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