Google Search Breadcrumbs Here To Stay On Mobile

When was the last time that you saw a train carriage devoid of the illuminated faces of those scrolling endlessly through Facebook or Time Out listings? About four years ago? six? Personally I can’t remember.


As smartphones have improved throughout the years we have seen mobile browsing increase at an incredible rate, and it’s only set to grow. So much so that Google have finally taken a stand to improve the user experience of those ‘committing searches’ on their mobiles, actively penalising websites that haven’t made their design responsive.


Just when web developers thought they could breathe a sigh of relief, having made the leap to a scaleable site a few years back because they’re (we’re) super smart, Google have now confirmed that breadcrumbs are to become a regular feature of mobile search results.

So whilst the sun’s out and the birds singing, perhaps it’s time to do a little spring cleaning on the URL structure of your site and make sure that everything’s in order and marked up correctly in order to claw up some mobile search rankings!


Sebastian Paszek

Marketing manager

Controlling the chaos of the digital landscape, Sebastian is a multiplatform executive, project manager and photographer.