Holiday Shopping Trends 2015: Three Predictions for Retailers

30% of All Online Shopping Purchases Now Happen on Mobile Phones


Whether it’s browsing as we commute or buying on our lunch break, “Micro-moments” are changing how we do our Christmas shopping. 54% of shoppers say they plan to do their shopping during the spare moments they have throughout the day. Consumers are spending 7% less time searching and shopping during each session, yet the smartphone share of purchases online has risen by 64%. Interesting.


Having closely examined how this is effecting our eCommerce clients, here are the three major predictions for retailers this holiday season:


1. Big shopping days are no longer a big deal

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61% of shoppers will start looking up their purchases before Thanksgiving weekend. That’s an increase of 17% compared to last year. Despite this, actual purchasing happens later in the season. Why? There’s no rush anymore – you can shop any day you like. Who has the time to plan lengthly day trips to the high street anymore?


2. Mobile shopping will have more influence over purchases than ever before

Shopping related searches on mobile have grown by over 120% year by year. We’re finding that nowadays an increasing number of consumers are using their mobiles before even coming to a store. To take full advantage of this, retailers need to enable seamless engagement across all channels.


Mobile Shopping Searches Peak on Sundays


So when is a “micro-moment” most likely to be an “I want to buy” moment? Google shows that Sunday is the best day of the week for mobile shopping, with shopping searches being 18% higher on that day compared to the others.


3. YouTube videos are the new gift guides


Image: Youtube


A quarter of shoppers claim online videos are their go-to for gift ideas and product advice and 32% of people say they plan to use online videos more this year. That’s not all – 64% of shoppers would rather watch a video when they have questions rather than pick up the phone or a user manual. It makes sense, why go to a store when you have your smartphone right there?


As the purchasing time frame becomes smaller, retailers need to keep a very close eye on how consumers research and purchase their products. Optimising user experience for smartphones could make a big difference for retailers this holiday season.

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