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Last Minute Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

Have you made less effort than you wanted to this year when it comes to driving your holiday sales? We know how it feels. But don’t worry, you’re not on the naughty list yet. We’ve decided to categorise these through different touch points, so here’s a list of tips and tricks to supercharge your holiday sales!


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Gift Cards

The gift cards you have linked at the bottom of your store? Put them too the top and market them accordingly. People who are struggling for inspiration tend to opt for gift cards – so make sure yours are very easily available to them. You can also include a link to add a gift card in your checkout – it’s a good way to increase the value of your sale as an add-on to what they already have.


Make Hampers or Bundles

Consider grouping a bunch of your products into a bundle and label it as a gift set. If possible, price them all as one item. If you can’t do that, then use it as a display showcase or banner to give users ideas on a bunch of little things they could buy if they don’t think one will be enough.


Supply and Demand

Sasha Fedkevich suggests the following, which we thought was actually a really good idea:


“Similar to when you’re optimizing content and product pages for SEO, conduct research on what’s happening in the final stretch of the holiday season when it comes to what people are searching for.

Do your product offerings align with search trends and heavily searched keyword phrases in your industry? If the answer is yes, there isn’t enough time to incorporate these keywords into content to have any measurable impact of ranking in search, but instead, use this information to inform your ad spending on Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

Connecting your brand’s offerings to what people are interested in and excited about in the market can drive substantial sales, even towards the end of the shopping season.”


Is it your brand’s time to shine? Keep an eye out for those keyword trends.

Social Media

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One idea you could use to increase holiday sales is to do a one week countdown until Christmas and include a new deal every day. This could be a discount on a certain product, buy one get one half price promotions, etc.. You can also go the extra mile and edit your Facebook targeting to a certain audience who you know will be likely to purchase the product.


Ad Campaigns

Consider using this as the prime time for you to spend money on Facebook advertising. You can get quite the bang for your buck if you use it correctly. If you want tips on how to really make the most of it, then we’ve written about it before. When doing this, don’t just target your usual customer, target people you think will want to buy for your usual customer.


The Follower Game

This is a tactic that if you have the time, (or Instagress) you should try. Go through the user generated content of your competitors. For example, if they have a hash tag where consumers can display the products they’ve purchased, then follow the people who have purchased from your competitors.

It might seem a bit sneaky, but this tip isn’t just for the holidays. People who buy from your competitors are more likely to buy from you than your average Instagram user. You can automate this following with Instagram, or if you really want to nurture long term leads, then we recommend doing it yourself.


Help Your Customers Celebrate

We developed on an idea from SmallBiz on this one. This is a good way to increase your organic reach if you need to. Create greetings cards or holiday messages in your own distinguishable branding and post them to social media. Encourage your followers to celebrate and share. Perhaps even consider posting sentimental messages like ‘Tag someone you wish you could see this Christmas’.

Or another idea that’s more humour orientated, create an image with something like ‘All I want for Christmas is _____’. People will comment and tag their friend with what they want or hopefully just interact. It may not directly increase holiday sales, but creating actionable content that people will want to engage with can bring that much needed boost in traffic.


Update Your Blog Posts with Current Calls to Action

We don’t need to suggest to you that you could do some holiday themed gift guides or suggestions for your blog. That’s a given. But if your blog performs pretty well all year round, then add a fresh call to action on the end of your most popular blog posts to drive traffic to your shop. It won’t solve all your holiday marketing woes, but it could make a difference. Cheers to DLVRIt for that one.

Customer Service / User Experience

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Source: Natalie Fox


Improve Your Customer Experience

Seems like a no-brainer but why not use the holiday season as an opportunity to up your customer experience and in turn encourage word of mouth. Go the extra mile with customers. The best way to do this is to simply give them an experience they won’t forget. A lot of stores just go into survival mode during the holiday season, but if you keep on top of providing excellent customer service and support, then you won’t regret it.


The Shipping Deal

Arguably the most important method at your disposal right now is making sure you can ship to people on time for Christmas. Consider offering free or discounted shipping deals for sure, but what matters more is being able to get the gift to the person on time for Christmas. Next day delivery could be your secret weapon. If you can’t do that, then try and implement click and collect.


Response Time

Since you’re a bit late with your marketing efforts anyway, one way to improve your customer service is with response time. Everyone is going to want an answer fast this season, so consider adding a chat widget to your website so people shopping for gifts can ask questions, or encourage people to tweet you with any queries they may have.


Make Sure Your Checkout is 10 Out of 10

Last week we released our guide to shortening your eCommerce checkout process (it’s pretty much the most important thing you can do this season). The easier it is to check out, the better your sales will perform. Plus, if people are last minute shopping they’re already stressed and frustrated, do not under any circumstances make it more difficult than it has to be.

If possible, then consider a one-step checkout option. Allow them to fill in all of their details on one single page. Make sure your customers can check out as a guest too or if you’re insistent, allow them to sign in with Facebook. Another way to ease friction at the checkout is to allow Paypal Express payments.


Happy Customers

Use this time to either include social proof in your marketing efforts, or to place emphasis on quality of service and good reviews. Doing this will place more faith in potential customers that their demands will be met, and on time.

Email Campaigns Increase Holiday Sales

Source: Nolan Isaac


Email Drip Campaigns

This might be the most powerful tool you have this season. These emails present a good opportunity to mention anything you’ve included in your countdown, or any other promotions that you’re running. Here are a few tips:


– A simple season’s greeting to remind customers that you actually exist.

– Now is the time to send out more than one cart abandonment email since research has revealed that people are 2.4 more likely to convert if you remind them more than once.

– Make sure your emails are mobile friendly – most millennials are accessing emails using their mobiles

– Use previous segmenting to tell different types of customers about different products. Use the data you have about your customers to provide them with meaningful suggestions


Capture Email Addresses

Use this opportunity to capture email addresses – especially since some consumers only ever shop in December. Make sure you ask people who are buying to enter in their email address. You’ll need it to send them cart abandonment emails anyway. More people shop around this time, so it could be the perfect opportunity to increase your subscriber list.

Good marketing is forever, not just for Christmas. Subscribe to get more all year round.


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