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The 3 Hottest Techniques For Abandoned Cart Recovery

As any eCommerce business owner will tell you, the amount of shopping carts abandoned online is incredible – recent statistics suggesting that the average rate of cart abandonment is around 68%. When you tally that up with your turnover and consider it a loss, that’s a huge amount of sales that your business could be making.


In this blog we’ll take a look at the best techniques for abandoned cart recovery and remarketing – if you want to read more statistics give our blog Abandoned Carts – An eCommerce Nightmare a quick read.


Abandoned Cart Recovery Tactics

There are three basic schools of thought here which will work best depending upon how much information you have about your client – each with their own merits. At Spot Studio we’ve utilised all these techniques and can’t stress enough how important enacting these protocols is for abandoned cart recovery!

Recovering Abandoned Carts Through Email

Recovering Abandoned Carts Through Email



It pretty much goes without saying that you’ll need your client’s contact details for this technique. That said, gathering client information in something that your eCommerce site must be doing in order to leverage the best recovery stats. Why? Because this technique is the most successful in generating more sales.


The stats:


  • – 46% of abandoned cart emails are opened, of those:
  • – 13% are clicked through
  • – 35% of which lead to a sale


That’s a reclamation of 10%, with a cart abandonment email strategy put in place!


However, it’s not good enough to just shoot your client and email reminding them to buy a few weeks down the line, you need a proper strategy. This is what we’ll address in our blog next week!

Using Behavioural Triggers For Abandoned Cart Recovery

Using Behavioural Triggers For Abandoned Carts


Prompting users to either save their carts or to follow through with a purchase is another must have technique in your arsenal. Whilst you can see this employed on eCommerce websites left, right and centre it can often be pretty brash like a shopping cart pop up when you scroll a few millimetres down the page. I don’t know about you, but trying to catch your details so immediately and so forcefully is a big turn off for me and I find myself leaving the site with a sour taste in my mouth.


One technique we employ at Spot Studio is to write a script into a website that means when a user scrolls past the very top pixels of the page when they are leaving the site, they are subtly reminded that they are leaving their shopping behind. We then offer them the option to save it for later, or buy it now.


Whilst we can’t guarantee all users will either purchase or save the cart – this a great way to get their details for remarketing and to prompt purchase. And once you’ve got the details we go back to the emails campaign!

Adwords Remarketing

Adwords Remarketing For Abandoned Carts


If the last two fail you, then there’s a newer and more innovative way to regain those sales… Using Google Adwords you can target those who have specifically left behind their carts. They will have adverts appearing on their search results reminding them of the products that they had placed in the cart with a link to your site.


Using this technique you stick in their minds, so even if they don’t click on the advert they are prompted to remember that they wanted to make that purchase, leading to them revisiting your website.


Want to read more? Check out our blog: Abandoned Carts – An eCommerce Nightmare




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