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How Important is Social Media for Marketing?

It seems that there is a right way, and a wrong way, to ‘do’ social media. Businesses need to have a clear understanding of what their core aims and goals are for their social media presence, so that it becomes a valuable and useful part of their overall marketing strategy.


Firstly, many businesses strive to have lots of followers, however this is often a false measure of success in social media. What is the benefit of having lots of followers for any business, especially if you have a high number of followers who all routinely scroll past your posts? Instead of aiming for a high quantity of followers, aim for high quality followers – those who are engaged, interested and targeted as these followers are far more likely to become customers.


Similarly, using social media to push traffic to a website is another goal that should be further examined. Increased traffic will inevitably come as a result of the time, money and energy that is invested in a social media campaign, but how much of this extra traffic is leaving immediately, and how much of this extra traffic is converting to a sale? To get a relevant and engaged audience to your site, avoid clickbait and focus on giving your audience what they need and want.


Aiming for more sales as a result of a social media marketing campaign is, of course, the holy grail – however, this should also be more focused. Look at ways to combine your current sales methods with your social media and social selling, and ask yourself if your audience is primed to become customers. Social media analyses and website traffic data should tell you the kind of visitors you are getting, and from here you can conclude whether you are better to use your social media as a content resource that adds value to the customer’s experience, or if you can use your social media as a direct selling tool.

Each of the above goals for a social media presence, are in fact goals for a business’s marketing strategy as a whole. To achieve each of these goals, it is vital to work across a multitude of channels to create an integrated campaign for the maximum impact. Learning how to measure the ROI on your social media spend is crucially important. Thankfully we cover that here.


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Digital Project Manager

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