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5 User Interaction Hacks to Boost Your CRO

5 User Interaction Hacks to Boost Your CRO

Every now and then our CRO stats can look a bit dire and need a bit of a boost. So here you are. 8 simple user interaction hacks for you to use to boost your CRO.

Employ Emotive Language in Your Metadata

Emotion is a key motivator in the buying process. Causing responsible emotive responses in customers can seriously boost your engagement levels. Although seemingly exploitative, all you’re actually doing is tapping into the customers existing emotions and desires, and presenting your product or service in a way that resonates with them. It is best to present the product/content in a way that helps the reader construct a clear emotional image of how the product would change their life or increase their confidence in some way.


Create a Sense of Urgency

You can create a sense of urgency in your metadata and site-wide content by using focused, urgent copy instead of passive language. You can create this sense of urgency by stating that the product is about to run out, or by using short time frames and suggesting limited stock levels. If you do this you need to make sure you are actually keeping an eye on the stock levels – it would just be embarrassing to promote limited stock and urge people to buy it if there’s not even any of it left. You can use these examples of urgent language:


  • Limited Stock Remaining
  • Sale Ending Soon
  • Register Before [Date] For A Free Gift


Suggest the Negative Consequences of Not Purchasing

Similar to urgency, suggesting the negative results of not making a purchase is a good way to get the consumer to engage and convert. Most of the time brands advertise on the basis of what the product can positively bring to the customer, but sometimes it’s a better alternative to highlight the struggles they may face by not purchasing. This reinforces the idea that it’s something highly beneficial to them that they might need. This is most commonly used in the cosmetics industry with phrases like:


  • Prevent Gum Disease
  • Treat Wrinkles & Dark Spots
  • Avoid Dry Hair (Avoid is a common and effective word to use for this tactic)
  • Fight Blemishes


Use Numbers in Your Metadata

Using figures in your metadata description can boost your SEO by drawing in the user and grabbing their attention since they stand out against text. By adding numerical data to the meta description – for example a date, time, price or percentage – you can make a massive difference to your CTR. A useful way to employ this tactic is by using offers and promotions that contain numerical data. The deals must be kept up to date and relevant since if your customer tries to purchase and sees that your advertisement wasn’t true, that’ll reflect negatively on your brand.


Include a Clear Call-to-Action in Your Metadata

A call-to-action can act as a persuading factor for users to click through to your site. Without a call-to-action you may be losing out on customers to competitors that have more action-focused metadata. A simple and focused verb is all it takes to create a convincing call-to-action. Keeping it short and sweet not only saves space but it significantly improves your CTR. A structure for your call-to-action could be as follows – [Verb] for [Result]. For example:


  • Buy Today for 40% Off
  • Shop Today for Free Delivery


That’s the straight to sale sort of call to action, but there are less committed ones to employ, such as:


  • Call Us for Advice on Your Injury Today
  • Speak to Us About Your Experience


The shorter and more straight forward it is, the better.

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Sebastian Paszek

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