Digital Marketing Resources #2: Mobile eCommerce, Christmas Sales & UX

Spot Studio understands its readers to be knowledgeable individuals constantly on the ball with the latest news. So we’ve collected this handy round up of the latest news in Mobile eCommerce and more. The latest trends, fresh ideas and small changes you can make to your business to stay competitive.


Mobiles continue to be the catalyst for eCommerce, but sales belong to the PC.

That’s right. Adding items to carts through mobile is up 15% year by year and not just that- retailers are seeing the largest benefits of this with 25% of all transactions now being via mobile. PC accounts for 56% of sales currently, but mobile is still up there with ease of browsing. Think of it as the increasingly popular little brother of the PC.


Taking this into account it’s essential that you seamlessly incorporate mobile into your commerce strategy, but how can you do that? It’s worth optimising the UX in terms of browsing, examples of that being the wish list. Turn an idle moment of browsing into a sale and integrate personalisation at every touch point.  Get more on this here.


50% of eCommerce transactions include multiple devices

Throughout the buying journey 50% of transactions include at least one additional device, and we’re just behind with 49% of transactions being done this way in the UK. Apparently looking at things you like online with one device just isn’t enough anymore. To tap into this trend, invest in mobile and implement your digital spend strategically. Cross device is the new norm and recent news tells us that around half of smartphone and tablet buyers use another device.


When investing in mobile pay particularly close attention to the tablet. Why? Because tablets are leading with 57% of mobile transactions. Learn more here.


Most UK consumers buy half their Christmas presents online

It’s approaching that time of the year again, and eCommerce News reports that 76% of consumers will be buying half of their Christmas gifts on-line. And it turns out, 29% of UK customers had already started buying their Christmas presents as of September this year. So you can bet that as soon as you saw those relentless advent calendars creeping into the supermarkets, your customer had already started Christmas shopping.


Christmas is coming earlier this year and we can see eCommerce as the place to be by the fact that only 3% of consumers questioned believe they will get all of their gifts at a physical store. So keep this in mind because you’re in a pretty good position for custom right now!


Applying free shipping to your businesses isn’t just for the big players

As you’ll well know, Amazon chose to subsidize their shipping heavily as part of their growth strategy. Shipping is a massive influencer in on-line commerce but for some reason, only 22% of merchants feature information about their shipping policy on their homepage. Do something about that!


Granted you’d probably need a massive financial reserve to pull off free shipping in the way Amazon does, but your customers can get similar perks from you in different ways. Whatever you’re planning though, take it from us. It’s your business, your product. Take control- it’s your cart, your shipping policy. So take the time to perfect the terms.

Here’s a useful resource for you to use.



One small change in web design can lead to massive results

If experiments are more your bag than surveys, then we’ve got a great one for you to check out.

Ken Bowen at Marketing Experiments documents a key non-profit test with valuable takeaway points on small changes in web design.


How small are we talking? We’re talking highlight-the-donate-page small. Believe it or not, doing that got a 190% increase in click-through to the donation page. Think small tweaks, not brash overhauls. If you’re trying to improve click-through to a certain page, consider all the pages the customer might visit before ending up there and consider cutting out some middle men or leaving a bread crumb such as the one above.



Optimise your retail experiences for consumers

UK online retail sales account for over £100bn in 2014 and this should be prime incentive for you to take your UX to the next level. With more and more businesses walking into the eCommerce party you’ll have a harder time standing out from the crowd.


Two key examples of optimising your user experience- social login, and making mobile payment available. Why do people care about social login? Because less time spent on internet forms is more time spent on your site. People avoid physical stores because they can’t stand the long lines, so don’t make them wait in line. Make mobile payments an option for them and be as accommodating as possible in terms of what payments you accept.


And why stop there? There’s 8 more ways you can optimise your online experience right here.


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