Driving Consumer Confidence in eCommerce and Online Retailing

The ONS in a recent report ‘5 facts about online retail sales in the UK’ has found an interesting fact, and while it’s not statistically groundbreaking, we’re looking outside the box.


“63% of women and 52% of men who don’t buy online prefer to shop in person.”


Fair enough. But what we’ve spotted in the report is that for both sexes, around 26% of them don’t purchase online due to payment security of privacy concerns.

Now don’t worry, your lost potential customers are far from sitting in their living rooms wearing tinfoil hats. Netbanx.com have mentioned precisely why this should be on your radar, but in a nutshell around 80% of consumers indicated they still hesitant when purchasing goods through mobile devices. With 1 in 5 shoppers having experienced a security breach – even major retailers – it’s no wonder they have trust issues…


So what can you do to win them over? Below are some of our tips on how to inspire faith in your services.

You can only make one first impression

A well thought out homepage is where you’re going to be grabbing your customers at first, but they want to know that they’re in safe hands, so leave no doubt in their minds! A visitor decides if they’re gonna hang around on your site within the first 15 seconds. And in those 15 seconds you have to convince a complete stranger you’re not going to rob them. Easy…right?

Make sure you’ve got Paypal

Paypal ranks number two in consumer trust, what with its low barrier usage and high consumer protection. These two key factors make Paypal a strong asset to add to your eCommerce site’s wallet-less payment options. Good old Paypal.


Paypal online consumer trust


Easy navigation and transparency are a must

Encouraging trust and transparency are just as important in the eCommerce world as the content you put on your site. At each stage of the payment process you should make clear to the customer what’s involved in payment. Warn them if they’re going to be re-directed to a third party site to confirm their payment, and above all make the checkout point online clear to see, as consumers will drop out of a purchase prematurely as a result of difficult navigation.

The value of trust badges

Website Trust Badges


The three most popular trust badges according to Secure Trading are Norton, McAfee and TRUSTe. However you can also create your own trust badges, such as a ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’ badge, or ‘Free Power Ranger With Every Order’. Trust badges have a positive effect on conversion rates and some providers of these include Better Business Bureau, GeoTrust and Thawte. Nothing say’s ‘We’re not scammers!’ like a Norton trust badge. Especially with 35% of consumers claiming it gives them that relaxing feeling normally provided by narcotics.

For the love of eCommerce don’t be irritating

Don’t share your customers information with any third parties. Don’t be that guy. Respect their privacy, and by all means ask your customers if they’d like to be notified of new offers or sent newsletters, but don’t make them un-check a box to back out. Nobody likes those pre ticked boxes. Nobody.

Spread some gossip

Allowing your potential customers to see user reviews or testimonials is what you want your client listening to. Encourage your existing customers to review you and keep in mind the 90-9-1 rule – 90% of the customers online are being creepy lurkers, 9% are contributing to existing discussions, and 1% are starting the conversation. Do yourself a favour and start a few.

Be human

No matter how many screens we have in front of us and how many numbers and statistics are thrown at us daily, we’re all human. Your customers are human, even your dog is human, so treat them as such. Whatever you find irritating about other eCommerce sites you use, they’ll probably find irritating too. Just because it’s on a screen, doesn’t make a faux pas any more acceptable, or tolerable. Showcase who you are and give your website some personality.

Pro-tip: Personally reply to enquiries where possible.

By combining the above, you can strengthen the bond with your consumer and even attract those that are on the fence by making small changes that may change their minds. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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Sebastian Paszek

Marketing manager

Controlling the chaos of the digital landscape, Sebastian is a multiplatform executive, project manager and photographer.