Conversion Optimisation: Conversion Rate Auditing & Research

Our Conversion Rate Audit is Your First Step to Better Business, More Profit and Less Expenses.

The most crucial stage of the conversion optimisation process, CRO Auditing is where we uncover your traffic, lead and sales leaks. Predicated on 4 data points, we use bespoke software and in­house specialists to figure out just how to make more money from your website.

The Conversion Rate Auditing Process

...Collecting Insights That Matter...

Heuristic Analysis

Our team of conversion rate experts evaluate your website in terms of design, information architecture and content on each key page. We examine the friction points, bottlenecks, inconsistencies and credibility issues that are holding you back from achieving your maximum conversion rate.

Assuming multiple personalities, we inspect your application with close regard to your key demographics in order to understand precisely how your users use you.

Qualitative Research

User ResearchWe give users a task to complete on your website and examine how they engage with your application. This gives us key from carrying out their tasks.

Session RecordingUsing bespoke software, we record all user sessions on your website. Each session is evaluated by our in­house behavioural psychologist and CRO specialists in order to discover how long users spend on each page, where this time is spent and why the current design is causing a lower conversion rate.

Heatmaps Observation

Heatmap recordings show us every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site. We can see exactly what your users are looking for and how they engage with you; insights show us where users are getting confused and what’s grabbing their attention.

These recordings help us single out redundancies and focus on areas of your site that convert.

Quantitative Research

Exploring Google Analytics data, we can discover how users trickle through your website, where conversions are made and where leads are lost. Focusing on your key metrics, sales funnels, user flows and exit pages, we can see precisely where you’re leaking profits.

Conversion Audit Recommendations

”Are we giving our customers the right motivation to move forward?”

Forming our Conversion Rate Optimisation plan, we give you recommendations on areas that need to be improved alongside strategies that are guaranteed to improve your bottom line.

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