Abandoned Cart Retrieval

he bane of each and every eCommerce company, £3.8 trillion worth of goods were left abandoned in online shopping carts last year. So what are you doing to recoup your losses?

At Spot Studio we are dedicated to helping your online store make more money. And with such a large sum left on the table, recouping losses from abandoned carts is one of the most cost effective strategies afforded to you. By automating abandoned cart emails, optimising your sales process and remarketing to your customers, we make sure you bring back as much as you can.

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Reclaiming Your Abandoned Carts

We make everything as simple as possible. By removing countless hours of correspondence, streamlining checkouts and setting in place seamless remarketing campaigns, we convince your customers to come back. And to buy.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Sending emails can be a real chore. And as a large eCommerce company you can end up hiring someone to send out emails to your customers full time. By creating trigger-based campaigns, we automate your email correspondence to ensure that customers will come back to your website.

By collecting customer contact details, as well as purchase history, we can create extremely simple, yet highly targeted campaigns based on their behaviour. Reminding them what they left behind; letting them know about that exclusive discount you have available. Everything is set to a timer, set to deliver and easily measurable in terms of ROI.

In fact, with abandoned cart emails returning an average of £5.20 per email, it would be a crime to miss out.

Exit Intent Technology

A simple piece of software with a simple return. Exit intent technology detects when a visitor is about to abandon your website by monitoring mouse movement and velocity. Using predictive algorithms, it registers the intent of the user and triggers a pop-up over the web page in order to prompt them to go through with a purchase.

By installing this on your website, we can create multiple variations of the pop-up in order to A/B test the results. Producing different copy, colours and design, we will find what works best for your customers and implement it full time.


By installing tracking pixels on a website, remarketing gives you the option to re-target those who have already visited your website, elsewhere on the internet. With retargeted customers three times more likely to click on an advert than those who haven’t seen the company before, the CTR is considerably higher than through standard PPC advertising.

We create, monitor and optimise remarketing campaigns. Creating bespoke landing pages, we monitor the ROI and ensure you’re getting the returns you deserve.

Sales Process Optimisation

Having studied countless eCommerce website designs, we see the same red flags being thrown up time and time again; poorly structured information architecture which leads to customers haemorrhaging from the website.

Through session monitoring we ascertain precisely where your website is leaking money and we plug those gaps. By optimising your on-page design and streamlining your sales process, we make it easier and more pleasant for your customers to buy from you.

By ensuring that fewer customers abandon their carts in the first place, we make sure you are maximising on-site sales.

White Paper

The eCommerce Abandoned Cart White Paper 2016

Our latest whitepaper on abandoned carts has been picked up by The Guardian, published in eLancer. Read our revelations here.

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