eCommerce Consultancy

Do you know the latest platforms available for your shop? The newest marketing trends? Do you understand how customers make purchases these days?

We do.

At Spot Studio we provide a dedicated eCommerce consultancy service designed to help businesses like yours perform better. By developing tailormade strategies to see you best your competition, we focus on helping you make smarter investment decisions. Whether that’s on new technology, marketing, design or operational procedures, our fundamental aim is to boost your bottom line.

So are you ready to make waves?

Why Do You Need an eCommerce Business Consultant?

You don’t… if you’re happy staying where you are.

Our highly experienced consultants have worked for and with online retailers selling all sorts of products. We know how different markets function, where businesses make their losses and where others make their gains. Creating a tactical roadmap that sees you safely negotiate the minefield of the online market, we simply help you make the right decisions for your business.

Our eCommerce Consultancy Services

Unlike other eCommerce consultancies, we don’t just provide the ideas, our in-house team of designers, marketers and programmers can deliver the products and practises you need. That’s why you can be sure that we will offer you practical, actionable advice.

Business Analysis

The most important factor often overlooked by eCommerce business owners is whether their business structure is as sound as it can be.

We take time to pour through your processes and understand your people in order to locate weaknesses and provide solutions.

SEO Analysis

If you’re not being indexed, or aren’t showing up in search results, you’re going to have a bad time.

Using various tools at our disposal, our analysts scour the data to see where improvements need to be made both now and for future development.

Website Analysis

If you’re already running an online application, we will deconstruct your website in order to understand where bottlenecks exist in your sales processes.

Analysing user sessions and web page heatmaps, we will develop theories to plug the leaks in your traffic.

Marketing Analysis

The problem with analytics data is that it can be read to mean anything that you want.

By closely analysing the facts and figures, we determine the genuine ROIs of your marketing efforts and advise you on the best practises for your business.

Website Design

Providing actionable advice on how to best construct your website, our focus is on maximising online sales, increasing purchase size, average order value and customer retention.

Simple prompts weaved into the design work wonders.

Third Party Partnerships

There are some incredibly powerful partnerships out there just waiting for you to make your move.

Whether it’s a simple software solution or a whole suite, we find the right partners to support and enhance your business activities.


Optimising Your eCommerce Platform

So you’re making sales through your website, but how do you know whether you’re making the most money you can? Our conversion rate optimisation consultancy seeks to increase the amount of traffic, sales and leads your website generates.

Conversion Rate Auditing

With a range of tools available to us, we comb through your analytics data, monitor user sessions and analyse heatmaps to discover where you website is leaking money.

Conversion Rate Strategy

Our marketers and behavioural psychologist use the data we’ve collected in order to postulate theories on how we can improve the functions of your website.

A/B Testing

Splitting your website’s traffic between two or more variations of your webpage, we evaluate which of our theories delivers a higher conversion rate and then set it live.

White Paper

Understanding the Buying Cycle for eCommerce Websites

Want to see a bit more behind the scenes from Spot Studio’s eCommerce consultancy? Read all about how we visualise the buying cycle for online retailers.

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