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The mastery of your market must be done online. This means delivering a flawless user experience, concrete technology and inciteful marketing.

Thankfully you’re in the right place.

The Spot Studio eCommerce design team are equipped with all the tips, tricks, tools and technology to ensure that your eCommerce website is ready to take over.

Working from the ground up, we create platforms tailored to your business, your brand and your budget. With specialists in understanding user experience, programmers versed in the latest eCommerce technology and strategists focusing solely boosting your ROI, this is design that sells.

And sells.

Our eCommerce Design Process

This can be summed up in four words: we work around you. Our approach is to be as flexible as possible to your schedule and your business. The following are simply the elemental steps we will take to produce your eCommerce website.


We want to understand who you are and what you’re looking to do.

Through a series of consultations, we deconstruct your business model, get to grips with your products and understand your market base.

Business Goals

By setting solid business goals we create targets to strive for.

Whether this is increasing your bottom line, generating additional sales, traffic, or more likely all three, we give these goals a number and work to better it.


Perhaps the most important part of your marketing, your brand needs to be instantly recognisable, eye catching and memorable.

Whether branding from scratch, or working with what you have, we make sure your website looks like it’s yours.

User Behaviour

Through user session watching and page heatmaps, our behavioural psychologist breaks down how and why your users interact with your website the way they do.

We then turn these theories into practical, sales-driven design.

Technology Solutions

The front end is one thing, but without a useable back end, your eCommerce site is practically useless.

By pinpointing the right technology to support your business we make it simple to deal with the intricacies of your store.


All of our eCommerce development is done in incremental stages; prioritising the most important functions and preparing a solid foundation for further site development.

With one eye on future design, we make sure you’ll never be left behind.

Good eCommerce Design: The Fundamentals

To get the best out of your eCommerce design, these essential features are an absolute must have. Giving your users the best experience and working to increase your profit margin, we ensure all of our website designs come complete with these functions.

On Page Goals

Every page of your website needs to have a set goal, whether it’s to get users to click through to your products, to make a purchase or to enquire for more information.

By using each design element as a plot point on the user journey, we create stories that sell. Individually written narratives that work to boost your bank and charm your users further down the sales funnel.

Product Page Design

Perhaps the most important part of your eCommerce website, your product page design needs to be en pointe.

More often than not, users will visit this page multiple times before making a purchase as they research your products and competitors. So what you have on show needs to stand out above everyone else. Product images need to look attractive but remain natural, offering the user enough insight into the product so that they can visualise themselves with it.

Importantly these pages need to answer all the questions that a potential buyer might have. About the size, your returns policy, your prices.


Express Checkouts

The majority of abandoned carts are found on checkout pages, with users having decided to leave your website, perhaps for good. To combat this issue we optimise the checkout process in order to make the user’s life easier.

We do this by:

  • Being transparent about costs from the second the user accesses their basket.
  • Removing redundant pages and creating a 2-3 page checkout process.
  • Leaving registration until after the purchase has been completed.

Product Search

Poor search functionality is the bane of every eCommerce customer. In order to support your users in finding the right product we use a customised tool called Elastic Search. A fully scaleable and easy to manage search system, this allows us to dig for data from any source, in any format and analyse and display results in real time.

Complete with full analytics capabilities, this not only helps the user, but gives you the scope to understand how your customers are engaging with your site and your products for ongoing improvement.

Product Recommendations

Done correctly, showing users recommended products driven by their behaviour can lead to a serious increase in your profit margin. In order to ensure that you’re not missing out on those last minute purchases, we create an information rich environment in which we can display related or recommended products to your users.

Based on the products they are currently purchasing, or products that they have previously purchased, this low maintenance technology is a trickling fountain of income.

SEO & Visibility

If you’re not found on Google, you’re not found. It’s as simple as that. Our eCommerce website designs are created to be as SEO friendly as possible, giving you the best possible chance to get your products ranked.

Incorporating markup, we give search engines rich data on your items, helping the likes of Google display your products in the relevant search results.

Mobile Optimisation

Increasingly customers are using their mobiles not only for research, but to purchase products. This means that your whole customer journey needs to be optimised to work on mobile devices.

Our eCommerce developers ensure that your website is completely responsive, scalable to the largest and smallest devices. Delivering a faultless user experience however they want to view your website.

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