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Simply Send Better Emails

Email marketing is not dead. Far from it. More emails are sent nowadays than at any point in history. The problem is, how are you standing out from the crowd?

With our email marketing services, we use advanced tracking software, highly personalised segmentation and sequencing, and a sprinkling of that Spot Studio Secret Sauce™ to optimise your email campaigns.

Email Automation Sequences

You don’t have time to write personalised emails to every customer, every day. Or you ought not to. What we do is create highly customised, automated sequences that will efficiently deal with all of your customers’ concerns.

In-house experts combine analytical data with years of experience to boost your conversion rate and provide better customer care.

Advanced Email Segmentation

We have the tools and the know-how. You just need to provide the mailing list. By employing some of the most advanced technology available, we create incredibly specific segments so the right information is delivered to the right people.

We Optimise...

Drip Campaigns

Informative email marketing sequences that work based on ‘triggers’ - or actions your users have made.

Abandoned Cart Emails

The most killer way to re-coup abandoned carts, these emails are set to simply run and bring back lost sales.


Delivering definitively informative emails based on user behaviour ensures they’re buzzing every time your email arrives.

Reach. Rekindle. Reap.

Emails are your personal line to your customer, so you need to treat them as such. We deliver email marketing campaigns which are tailored to their on-line, on-site, in-email behaviour. In turn your customer receives an email that feels like it was handcrafted just for them.


We find the right audience, and approach them in the right way. No-one like spam, so we make sure you’re reaching the people who matter, and to whom you will matter.


It’s far more cost efficient to improve the average order price, or even average order size, of existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. We gently rekindle those fires.


All of our email marketing campaigns are completely data driven. We work on KPIs like click-through-rate and conversion rate, then focus on constantly improving them.

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