Knightsbridge Pied à terre by Godrich

Case Study

Godrich are luxury design, done different. A studio which embraces a refreshing approach to the world of interior design. Bringing an authenticity to each project, no two interiors look alike, but each have the tell-tale signs that make them archetypally Godrichian.

Pairing one-off antiques with contemporary elements, commissioning artworks to complement the client’s collection, layering materials in heaps of style, Godrich create intriguing and meticulous interiors that command your attention.

Godrich Logo

Knightsbridge Pied à terre by Godrich



Godrich are an undulating tide of personality traits; both chic and bold, edgy and emotive, grown-up and playful. Walking through their interiors, you’re carried serenely on the crest of these ever bobbing waves, calmed by their reassuringly considered approach to each element.

This gentle wash needed to be found in their online presence too; we needed to boldly greet users in a gentle way. Drag them softly along to the exhibits of their portfolio...

Godrich Branding


Beginning with the logo, we started by transforming the text from lower to uppercase. It’s more authoritative like that. Looking for a serif text to complement their ‘design magazine’ style fonts elsewhere, we developed unique lettering with the focus on two points: elegance and legibility.


Black and white. Simple. We wanted the spotlight to be on the interiors that Godrich create, not on the website they have had made, so we kept the colour palette exclusively to this binary pairing, allowing the imagery to get the attention it deserves.

West Country Family House by Godrich


Portfolio Pages

Here is where Godrich’s work really shines. With full width and half width imagery filling the page, the user’s eyes are treated to a scrolling feast. Minimal content is woven throughout the page to once again keep the focus on the designs themselves.

Using a Content Delivery Network, we can ensure that all images are displayed, whether on mobile or desktop, in high resolution and at lightning fast speeds.

Tablet & Mobile Views